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Maple Leaf AST Macaron Airsoft AEG Hopup Rubber Bucking - 75

16 Customer Reviews

by Aleksandre S. on 06/03/2018
"Best bucking on the market! I am using it in my 600 fps DMR with 6.03 Madbull tightbore barrel, even it says max 500 fps, but i found it more suitable than hardest one for smooth shoting on semi. Reaching 350 ft range with ease on 0.36G bbs.
1. Perfect Airseal
2. Good consistency
3. Ability to lift heavy bbs

Had to cut lips a bit in my prowin hop up, it was jamming bbs in the chamber, then it worked like a charm.
by thomas m. on 10/12/2017
"Great bucking got mine installed today better accuracy over stock definitely getting another one.
by Juliet B. on 10/04/2016
"Amazing bucking. It is pink, unexpected but not unusable. Fits in the plastic SHS rotary-type AR15 hopup I use without issue.

I also run a Polarstar PCS nub, and paired with a Madbull 509mm Black Python IB, some teflon tape, and some run-of-the mill Matrix .20s, BBs were flying out of view before I saw them hit the ground. I was using my Dboys M16A4 which is otherwise stock.

If anyone is curious the "mound" part that is actuated by the hop-up nub is shaped a bit like a maple leaf. What a surprise /s/.
by Alex M. on 04/07/2016
"This bucking is perfect for the result I was looking for in the M4. I installed this with a tight-bore 6.01 mm Angel Custom 535mm inner barrel and all I can say is OMG. I tested it over the weekend and I can deck kids from twice the distance over stock, seems to hurt a lot more from there reactions. But overall this is a good option if you want to get more range and accuracy.

-Easy install
-Ultra compatible with my KWA M4 RIS (might be a tighter fitment on other models)
-Instant increase of range

by valentine t. on 03/14/2016
"just got this bucking in and i have not tried it yet due to me waiting till all parts for my ak come in but i gotta say very impressed with the sheer look of this thing! best looking bucking ive seen out of all my days in airsofting. i love that the one i got IS PINK. i was not expecting that at all! i expected straight up black hop up rubber but no way! these guys really surprised me! good job maple leaf or whoever the company is! (if you take this as sarcasm, it's not. i'm being completely serious)
by Brad J. on 07/21/2015
"I agree with everyone on this list,
Get this bucking!!!
It improved airseal and increased my fps, while also increasing my accuracy and range by about 35ft!
When paired with a flat hop and tightbore barrel. I could see any 350+fps aeg reaching 200 ft no problem. So far no downsides, installation was easy and overall great product

Pros: increased accuracy, range, and fps (airseal), easy install

Cons: none

by Richard V. on 07/13/2015
"5 stars. This is by far the best hop up bucking I have used. Yes it does in fact improve air seal as advertised, combined with a tight bore barrel my rifle's FPS increased by nearly 40. Shot consistency is excellent as well, though the barrel deserves a good deal of credit for that.

Will buy again.
by Rick F. on 06/18/2015
"Great Bucking! With a h nub and prowin hop up ranges to 200 ft no problem and even 250. One word of note, some minor clearance issues with some barrels and the prowin. Have more in prowin review. Overall fantastic bucking, Thanks Evike for recommendation!
by Sharilyn T. D. on 05/05/2015
"okay I'll keep this pretty simple....if you're thinking about getting this and your gun shoots int the 350fps-400fps range, get it. You honestly dont need to read past this unless youre trying to put this in a kwa hop up unit....

this thing literally gave me another 30-40ft more accuracy on a 400fps set up so my total range its about 230ft without arching my shots up, just aiming straight at a unsuspecting enemy player. i used .30s in a kwa hop up witch, by the way, is a super tight fit (i actually cant get it off without almost breaking the hop up unit or taring the bucking) and a 433mm long miracle barrel from airsoft gi (with .30s my gun shoots 330fps but it packs a punch when it hits its target...I've been on the receiving end lol). i wouldn't recommend using anything less than a .25, if you do you wont be able to reap the full benefits of this bucking and honestly, with this particular set up, .30s provide the best balance in range, accuracy and kentic energy held at maximum effective range.

FOR KWA USERS! even though i could get the bucking and barrel assembly in my kwa 2gx hop up, i wouldn't say you could. it was an extremely tight fit and i had to lube the outside of the bucking up to get it into my second kwa hop up unit. yes i said second because the first unit i tried to put it into, i force it in and it didn't seat its self properly so i had to remove it by pulling and turning which resulted into me snapping off part of the hop up unit where the c clip locks in place and almost tearing the bucking

decent increase in fps (at least for me)
amazing air seal
easy install

kind of expensive for a little piece of rubber...
not super compatible with kwa (what a big surprise lol)
by jake h. on 11/13/2014
"Absolutely awesome bucking. Installed this in my ics cxp15. It was shorter than the stock bucking but that didn't effect anything. This is the best bucking iv ever installed in any of my AEG's.

little ridges on the outside lock it in your hop up with a better air seal then stock buckings.
Fits very snug on the barrel and in the hop up.
Gave my ics cxp15 about a 30 fps raise.. (I'm guessing don't have a chrono).
Increased the range of my cxp15 by an incredible 20-30 yards accurately.
Increased the accuracy and grouping of my bbs dramatically.

shorter than stock bucking (HAD NO ISSUES HOWEVER).
you don't buy one of these.
by Michael L. on 09/21/2014
"Good product. increased range in my G&P M16 by far.
by Ryan R. on 06/01/2014
"I put this hop up bucking in my Elite Force M4A1 Carbine and its helped it a lot! The installation was easy, and it helped dial in my hop up greatly. One thing to note is that when i first tried to fire with this bucking in, it would skip a bb here and there, then it finally smoothed out. Being new to working on my guns myself i don't know if that's what they usually due or if it was something on my end. Many people have said this has boosted there FPS minimally, but I don't have a chrono to prove this. With 0.20g bb's i didn't see a great change in grouping, but switching over to a 0.25g bb i was dead on until 125ft, but after the grouping stayed tight. Overall good bucking for the price, and a great investment.
by John H. on 01/14/2014
"This is a great hopup bucking.

I've found that this bucking works well with a maple leaf flat nub, they don't sell it here, as well as a prowin hop-unit and an angel custom 6.01 barrel.

Another suggestion is max-precision BB's which are 5.98mm at .25 grams
by Ray L. on 07/02/2017
"It's an alternative to r-hopping, though not quite as effective. Mine doesn't fit into my AUG correctly, and I tore the actual leaf nub as I was ripping it from the hopup. Treat it nicely, and she should work fine.
by Jeffrey S. on 06/12/2016
"Great bucking. I have used this in two different guns with the Maple leaf concave hop up spacer. I gained about 30 fps in both guns from the better air seal, and they both shoot with near pin point precision. with this bucking just make sure that it is on as straight as possible, if it is pushed off to the left or right ever so slightly (even with the grooves lined up) it will make the bb fade that same direction. Also, if you are playing in heavy rain or in water conditions it doesn't work nearly as well as I would have liked. But I'm not sure there is a hop up bucking that would still work while wet.