Reviews: Maple Leaf AST Airsoft AEG Hopup Rubber Bucking - 75


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Model: HU-AST-AEG75
Location: Z1-845

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by jake h. on 2014-11-13 07:38:12
"Absolutely awesome bucking. Installed this in my ics cxp15. It was shorter than the stock bucking but that didn't effect anything. This is the best bucking iv ever installed in any of my AEG's.

little ridges on the outside lock it in your hop up with a better air seal then stock buckings.
Fits very snug on the barrel and in the hop up.
Gave my ics cxp15 about a 30 fps raise.. (I'm guessing don't have a chrono).
Increased the range of my cxp15 by an incredible 20-30 yards accurately.
Increased the accuracy and grouping of my bbs dramatically.

shorter than stock bucking (HAD NO ISSUES HOWEVER).
you don't buy one of these.
by Michael L. on 2014-09-21 15:10:56
"Good product. increased range in my G&P M16 by far.
by Ryan R. on 2014-06-01 19:11:58
"I put this hop up bucking in my Elite Force M4A1 Carbine and its helped it a lot! The installation was easy, and it helped dial in my hop up greatly. One thing to note is that when i first tried to fire with this bucking in, it would skip a bb here and there, then it finally smoothed out. Being new to working on my guns myself i don't know if that's what they usually due or if it was something on my end. Many people have said this has boosted there FPS minimally, but I don't have a chrono to prove this. With 0.20g bb's i didn't see a great change in grouping, but switching over to a 0.25g bb i was dead on until 125ft, but after the grouping stayed tight. Overall good bucking for the price, and a great investment.
by John H. on 2014-01-14 18:27:41
"This is a great hopup bucking.

I've found that this bucking works well with a maple leaf flat nub, they don't sell it here, as well as a prowin hop-unit and an angel custom 6.01 barrel.

Another suggestion is max-precision BB's which are 5.98mm at .25 grams
by Mason L. on 2013-11-15 11:39:35
"This bucking seems quite nice, but it won't fit in my VFC stock hop-up. I was able to jam it in but that created air-seal issues and I ended up losing about 80fps and the shot placement was abysmal. No matter what I try, and my tech agrees, it won't fit my VFC.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)