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REAPS A+ Airsoft AEG Hopup Bucking - ME1 (60 Degree)

3 Customer Reviews

by Ariel C. on 10/09/2015
"I use these in EVERY one of my guns now.

Internal work on an airsoft gun
by Joe S. on 10/20/2013
"Awesome. Simply Awesome. I use these in EVERY one of my guns now. It's as good as an R-Hop and doesn't require all the tuning of an R-Hop!!!

-Thick nub, which creates more bb contact area (will lower FPS by about 10, but you gain a LOT of range and consistency, which is another word for accuracy)
-Works well in cold weather because of thickness

-Honestly can't think of any

Answers to some of your questions and possible concerns:

-FPS does NOT extend range much at all after 300fps. From there it's all about your hop up and barrel.
-60 degree: _300fps, 70 degree: 300-450fps, 80 degree: _450fps
-60 degree: .25-.28g bb, 70 degree: .28-.36g bb, 80 degree: .36g-.43g bb
-Yes, it does work. This will extend your range and accuracy once properly tuned with your barrel and hop up unit.
by Ian W. on 09/04/2013
"when people say this thing works they mean it. at first i was very skeptical buying this. but when i put it in and tested it the performance BLEW me away! it may be a bit difficult at first to get every part of the bucking PERFECTLY aligned like the nub part took a lot of precise movements but the effort was worth it. on my madbull ultimate hop up it gave it a new cool sound when firing it. i am definitely going to buy more of these

very reliable
cool sound
AMAZING feeding
not a very tight fit (like the bucking my hop up came with)
pretty easy installation
good material