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Complete Gear Box Set for Echo1 A&K Classic Army M249 MK46 Series Airsoft AEG

11 Customer Reviews

by serge D. on 03/03/2018
"Was expecting to have the same wiring harness as the picture...
besides that is a very solid gearbox, 390 fps with .25 on an 11.1 lipo (para m249 barrel length)
by John R. on 05/01/2012
"great gearbox
only thing bad was fuse box was cracked in 2 places and my air nozle was cracked in half and the fuse was completely destroyed but didnt want to send it back cause its 3 parts to easily replace so i put the old air nozle on the new one and it was good to go
rate 5-5
by bryce b. on 03/07/2012
"Came in the mail today and it works perfectly, i have an a&k M249 para and the gears were destroyed after years of wear and tear. This pre-upgraded gearbox shoots around 390 FPS and around 17 bps with a 9.6v 2300 mah battery.

Pros: shoots Hard
Fits snug in my gun
Upgraded piston
Great trigger response

Cons: my fuse housing was cracked(fixed easy with some electrical tape)
The wiring wasnt quite long enough to wire to the front so I cut the zip tie and it was plenty long
A little more expensive than the average m249 gearbox
Has that nasty green gearlubish stuff in the gears, cleaned that out right away

Overall, 5/5 for this upgraded box. Brought my m249 back from the grave, I would recommend this.
by Trey L. on 09/25/2010
"Would this work in my A&K m60? My gears in mine are all stripped and motor is not working correctly and im not very good at just replacing the parts so i was looking for a new gearbox but the m249 is as close as i can find.
by CJ E. on 01/22/2009
"@ Caleb:
It is "reinforced" because they replaced a few internal parts.

@ Joe

@ Manny
Yes, it does fit.

And on to the real review:

This is a great, strong gearbox. Out of the box, our A&K M249 was shooting ~400 FPS @ 10 BPS with the stock 8.4v battery. When we dropped in a 9.6v battery, it was going at more around 17 BPS. From 50 feet away, I was able to massacre a beer bottle. Also, at ~100 feet, rounds from the SAW would stick in or go through the sides of Pringles cans.

That's REALLY good, if you were wondering.

Another GREAT part of this gun is; quick spring swapping! Merely push the spring guide in and pull out, drop in a new spring, click the spring guide back in, and you're in business! I wanted to try dropping in an M100 equivalent spring, but the owner had to leave. I'm pretty sure that ti would have gotten Li-PO-esque ratings with an M100 in it.
by Andy H. on 09/18/2008
"Yes, all the A&K, CA, Echo1 M249 are made at the same place with identical internals. So this gearbox is for all of them. And it is a newer version so if you got your M249 long time ago, or if you are one of those who spend $1000 on a classic army, this gearbox actually have a more reinforced shell and better wiring harness.
by Allen T. on 05/29/2015
"I just received mine today and it seemed fine until i inspected it some more.

nothing really

front wired for mine

Air nozzle was cracked

and the micro switch was caught up in the gear set

So yeah im sending mine back.
by Alexander P. on 05/07/2015
"The wires are not even the right length to fit into the stock, the clear part in the photo is under the gear box thats how short it , and it will not fit into the M249 body, its also not the same one in the photo.
by ira a. on 06/15/2014
"For m249 replacement gearbox


1. It has the heavy duty micro switch.

2. Probably the most user friendly gearbox out there.


1. Nozzle was broken due to improper packaging.

2. Shim job on the gears was so tight that each shim was slightly concaved/warped.

3. Spur gear was warped.

This gearbox is easy to work on. After polishing the interior, swapping new spur gear with the old one and properly shimming, greasing and oiling...the gearbox and gun in general work great...just required some tlc.
by manny p. on 09/16/2008
"does it fit and echo 1 m249? mine shoots just fine and goes and goes. eventually, the gearbox gonna wear out. so i'll need a replacement.
by steve h. on 03/24/2016
"Received it with a broken air nozzle. Would seem that a "basic" inspection would be a good idea prior to shipping.