Reviews: G&P Complete "Special Ops" M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (G&P USA) Rear Wire / Black

$160.00 $128.00

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Model: PROK-MB009B-B
Location: A5-122 WO3-M09 WO3-M13 WO3-M14

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by Clayton M. on 2014-03-05 08:53:35
"I got this the other day and with a madbull 6.03 455 mm tight bore barrel I am getting 455.8 fps with .2 gram bbs and 412 with .25s. They either have an m130 spring in it or I'm getting near perfect air compression. Either way it shoots too hot for every field near me. The trigger is very snappy with a 9.6v and it's getting 17bbs/sec.
It's G&P
perfect fps for a DMR
Snappy with a 9.6
G&P m120 high speed motor
Near perfect air compression
Shoots too hot for an automatic gun.
PS. I wish Evike would test products to see what fps they are really getting. This has happened before where they say 380-400fps and I get above 420fps.
by Claudio C. on 2013-03-17 19:40:50
"i got this when it was a daily doorbuster deal!! it was 110$!!! i could not be happier with the way this turned out. G&P killed it with the internal as always. solid construction i added a matrix 509 conversion kit and its pushing BBs so fast it sounds like im shooting stones! no modification will be needed in this lower... (i guess if you want to take this beautifully crafted macine apart you can but its not recommended). all ready to rock gearbox hitting solid and running on deans.

good packaging
G&P cant go wrong
laser engravings (cool EVIKE logo and RANGER skull badge)
upgraded internals ready to rock gearbox 8mm motor the whole 9 yards.
deans plugs
rear wired


get this lower receiver if your looking to build a SOLID QUALITY rifle you will baby. take good care of your airsoft guns and they will take care of you. you cant go wrong with G&P there a solid quality company and here is a perfect starting point.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)