Reviews: G&P Complete M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (G&P USA) Rear Wire / Desert

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Model: PROK-MB005B-D
Location: A3-032

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by Brandon H. on 2014-03-24 08:56:37
"With this i created the best gun i have ever owned. Get a mosfet with it and be 100% sure that what you have will work with it... Daniel Defense outer and noveske rails work perfect. I don't thing the wires detatch so be sure you buffer tube isnt by g&g because a deans port wont fit through those two small holes. I have a cnc hop up for it and a mosfet and i can guess it is shooting over 25 rps (rounds per second). With an 11.1 this thing destroys and it is still very fast with 9.6.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)