Reviews: G&P Complete M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (G&P USA) Front Wire / Black

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Model: PROK-MB005F-B

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by jack S. on 2014-03-21 08:12:30
"I bought this receiver in hopes of rebirthing my broken m4 viper from Walmart. What I did was attach it to the barrel and stock and it worked like a charm. Though, when I was opening it, I found that the grip was polymer, not metal. To answer a FAQ, no it does not come with a hop-up. I had to exchange air nozzles from my old m4 for my old hop-up to fit.

High ROF
great looks
Fully customizable
Easily dissembled for us Air-smiths out there

Polymer grip
No hop-up
Sometimes needs to be modified
by gregg h. on 2013-10-05 11:26:37
"Just straight to the point..Have spent hundreds in last few wks,and cant seem to get the results I've been looking for..Wish I had seen the reviews on this prior to buying just matrix gear box and tb 6.03 and new motor.hope this will bring me back to the high competitive level at which Im used to playing.Thx for all the comments on this complete lower it has really helped me decide.
by michael m. on 2013-09-15 06:45:05
"A friend of mine recommended this set, and I am very glad I followed his lead. The only modification to the gearbox being a new piston, with the G&P "rapid-fire" front-end kit I have a nice aeg that performs flawlessly. Thank you evike for making these available!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)