Reviews: G&P Complete 8mm Reinforced gear box for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG - Tamiya / Front Wiring


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Model: GB-GP-EV-GB001F

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by Jeff R. on 2016-01-23 15:37:57
"This gearbox has given me nothing but trouble. Purchased this to be used in a custom DMR build, with the intention of upgrading it in the future.

After just one game, and some test firing in the back yard, the bevel gear stripped where it contacts the spur gear. (At this point I tried to RMA it, as I had only had the gearbox for 15 days, and had a terrible experience leading me to fix it myself). I replaced the bevel gear, fired the gun for about 30 rounds, and then it stopped shooting. The piston had broken. I had heard (as other reviews mentioned) the white polymer pistons can be bad, so I wasn't too shocked.

So I replaced the piston with another polymer one from a different gun (pot metal gearbox frame broke). After another 30 rounds or so that piston broke in the same spot (which is due to the poor design of version II gearboxes, oh well).

On a side note, while I had the gearbox open I thought I'd put in a stronger spring. Due to the enlarged weight G&P uses in the front of the piston, it can't fit an M120+ spring inside, when full compressed, the spring is physically too large.
by David M. on 2011-07-25 12:04:41
"its great has lasted me for a long time now i get around 26 bps with it and so far (fingers crossed) hasn't given me any trouble as far as lock ups or gears breaking Etc. unlike other gearboxes have in the past. only one problem with it is that the gb doesn't settle right in the utg body its either too big or too small in some way so there's no safety. safe is semi, i dont touch semi cause it tries to flip back in forth between firing modes and on full auto its full auto so ur only real safety is your trigger finger lol. i tried takeing it out even and putting it back in the "correct way" push the selector plate on the gearbox forward and putting the lower reciever on semi didnt fix the problem. so aside from that the gb is great id buy another one in a heart beat except the fact that it only uses g&p motors unless u do what i did which was replace the clips so it can use standard and other brands of motors. but that requires saudering it.
by Matt S. on 2011-03-28 20:28:49
"Ok so lets be honest, All this for $80 Bucks is a STEAL. no doubt about it, i have seen just the gearbox shell go for about $60, so to get the rest for another 20 was great, including some of the external components.

The Good,
The gearbox with the 8mm bearings is very nice, the spring guide is all metal, the cylinder is very nice and gets great compression. the cylinder head and air nozzle are both metal and get great compression. although i did not need them, the external components such as the charging handle and the selector switch was a nice bonus. I don't know what the FPS was originally, but i popped a Systema M120 spring and it shot 435FPS!

The Not so Good.
now I have not personally had a problem with the G&P White Piston, i have heard of them being defective and lead to premature death, needless to say i replaced right away with the G&P Blue SR 25 Piston. i have used a set of G&P gears for 4 years and one of them failed, the axle snapped, i have heard of this happening with G&P gears. the wiring harness did not have the usual terminals to connect it to a motor, but that was easily fixed with a soldering iron and some elbow grease.

This Gearbox fits great in a G&P Body and shoots great with the G&P Hop Up.
Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)