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Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (M150 / Front Wiring)

10 Customer Reviews

by Stephen O. on 07/13/2015
"DO NOT take it apart. All the parts want to shoot out when you try to put it back together and the spring is insanely hard to get in
by Gustavo A. on 01/30/2013
"I just got it today, the international shipping was very slow, almost a month.

the bad things: shiming was horrible, I disarm first and get grind noise from the gears. I shime it propiertly and change the cables for one of a mosfet kit.
to my surprise when I armed in the first shoot get 518 and then keeps in 530 and great roof.

I also buy a policarbonate chamber matrix, the torque up matrix motor, the matrix red bucking, and the grease kit matrix and works great!

I give five stars, but you have to opened first voiding the warranty to reshim if you dont, its probably gonna break!
by Darnell S. on 04/20/2010
"This gearbox is very good. i give it a thumbs up for $110

if you know what you're doing, this gearbox does exactly what you want. FPS is based on the barrel legnth and seal of the hop up-the guns i put together were fine with stock hop-ups.There was no need to relube the piston and all that misaligned pin stuff. Just be sure to use a high torque motor and lipo for this gearbox.
by Andrew S. on 01/29/2010
"WOW is all i have to say. I spent months putting together my dream gearbox and turns out this was even better than what i wanted. Amazing internals reliable and fires great!
by Ronnie H. on 05/14/2009
"Hey i just got this gearbox today! im so happy. Its a nice heavy gearbox add a pound give or take. its black. Everything comes put together and ready to shoot. im just woundering what type battery do i need and is it li-po ready?

Webmaster: Since its M150, recommend a 9.6V or above. Lipo ready.
by Eric Z. on 01/31/2009
"is the plug in the front small
is the gearbox "COMPLETLY PUT TOGETHER" gears, shiming ect.
if i know then im gonna buy it

Webmaster: So far, out of the few hundred sold, we have had nothing but good feedback. But do understand the nature of a gearbox and don't hold us responsible for impossible matters like "check on the shimming". But generally, this is a very good gearbox, probably one of the best we seen, despite the low price.
by Tatsu A. on 01/23/2009
"This is a great GB. Very strong. A friend of mine has one and I am truly envious of it. Looks like a great buy.

I wonder if these will ever be made available pre-setup for MP5s. I would love to upgrade an older gun with one of these. Any word, Evike?

Webmaster: We have put in the request to Matrix at the manufacture for the MP5, AK and G36C gearbox.
by John M. on 04/16/2009
"Ok so I just got this gear box and installed it in A Classic army M4 RIS. So based on looks I would give it a 6 out of 10 the metal they used to make the gear boxes is not up to par, but what do you expect from a 110.00 gear box. I gave it a 5 out of 10 for ease of use installing. The pins line up fine but the body pin above the trigger was not on center had to do a little sanding. not to big of a deal, but still a pain. After installing and hooking up my battery (9.6V 2000 Mah Elite Cells) I crono-ed my gun first 5 shots of excel .20 std was 453fps. After that I tried shooting .25 Excel std and avg 415fps so I gave that a 10 out of 10.

Just a note the piston had no grease in it, but other than that this thing in a beast!

Overall 8 out of 10 . Not a bad deal for the money!
by toby t. on 08/13/2016
"i do quite a bit of air smithing. bought this G.B. fer a customer even after the terrible reviews we read together at my consultation with her. got it and was initially impressed. these pre builts are not out of box ready. pros first i suppose. piston is of proper quality. gears are strong robust torque type steel. spring guide is proper stainless and has ball bearings. spring is m150 non linear. cylinder head is stainless 2 o rings and a nice sorbo Aoe was correct, cylinder was stainless no port. wiring harness is thick gauge silver plated wire front mounted of course. gearbox is of proper looking quality same thick type as GnG gearboxes, however those blow up too. so now onto all thing i had to fix=cons reading all the previous reviews before purchase i had a really good idea what to look for. piston head is red aim brand poly with 8 small holes never seen 1 for sale anywhere so i assume its a oem direct install part for aim. dosn't look sturdy enough for a m150. neither do are the ball bearing bushings. piston head was not even tightened onto the piston completely and no loc tite. shimming was so tight prolly would have had to have a devils jet motor to turn them or blow fuses lol. anti reversal latch was too wide or tall for the gearbox so it couldn't reset essentially which would lead to alot of broken stuff. motor leads were too short i had to reroute or flip flop them and could just barely get them on the motor. there was almost no grease on the gears. no silicone oil in the cylinder assembly which is understandable cause over time it dissipates. the air nozzle is red aim poly cheapy. 1 review said it misfeeds maybe their mags suck or maybe their hop up is mal adjusted. get an aluminum 1 from shs or matrix rebrand. as with all M4 V 2 gearboxes take care when installing any motor and setting your motor adjustment. if your not paying attention it will eat your lower wiring assembly. gun chronos at a hot 508 on auto and 503-4 on single shot with .23g has a sexy rof with a large type 9.6 3800 mah battery. its first game is tomorrow hope that piston head lasts lol will post back after 2 games. if you don't know what your doing or don't know a guy like me don't buy this but for the price the parts are well worth it.
by Joseph C. on 03/20/2009
"Purchased this product in hopes of getting my custom M4 into the high 400's fps. Purchased this along with 70% bucking, Madbull tightbore barrel, G&G Super Torque motor, and an 11.1 LiPo. Basically everything you should need to produce 500fps. Well installed everything and to my dissapointment this mech box will only produce low 400's (423) was the best I chrono'ed. for the cost of what I purchased I would have liked to see better results.

1. Its much cheaper then Systema
2. Its LiPo ready
3. 8mm Bearings
4. Reinforced gears

1. Should state in description that also requires other products to produce the FPS claimed
(tightbore barrel, HARD bucking, High Torque Motor, and Large power battery)
2. Even with all pieces needed to work right still only hits low 400's which I can do on my stock Classic Army Gear Box with an M115 spring for less then 20 bucks.

Over all I would not purchase this item again if I could do over, maybe I got a lemon.