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Matrix Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearebox Set for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG (Tornado Speed) - Wiring to the Front

8 Customer Reviews

by Roger C. on 11/30/2011
"Got this a little while back. Dropped it inside my JG M4 S-System. Tested it with an 11.1v lipo with a Combat Squad high-torque motor and I got 28.5 RPS. It's shooting consistently around 383-387 FPS with .20 grams. This is an amazing gearbox that I recommend to ANYONE!
by Kyle K. on 10/19/2011
"I dropped this gb into a jg 416 and added the aim tornado motor...nothing else...was VERY impressed - shooting at 375 fps with .2s and 29.7 rps with a 9.6 need for a lipo with this thing. I have only used it once minus the chrono and getting hopup just right of I dont have any long-term use review to give...yet
by James G. on 03/23/2010
"This gearbox is awsome. even though I had to get it back ordered it was a worth while wait. I have a high speed motor and this fires soo fast. If you get this you will need to get a lipo battery when I hooked mine up it shot about 25bps.
by Sean C. on 04/22/2009
"For all of you who are a little iffy about buying this.... Buy it! it is most definitely worth it... my friend just got it and we put it in and holy ****...... even without the li-poly this gear box rips! awsome speed and it also added range to his gun maybe about 30ft or so and it has the power to make people call there hits... and if they don't you got the full auto to make them call it ; )

all in all 10/10 great buy!
by corey v. on 03/04/2009
"good GB. friend got it, it is so nasty. Evike u guys getin them back in soon i hope i need a new GB
by Josephine H. on 09/20/2012
"It's a very good gearbox. I gave it 4/5 because mine came with absolutely no grease/lube anything.
by Jesse Joe M. on 07/29/2014
"I purchased this with a bunch of other parts from Evike to build a whole gun for the first time by myself. I'd had some other friends show me with ones they had built and I figured it was time I did to get more into parts and how they worked.

I was using it in an Aim ABS receiver, the Matrix Magnum torque motor, 7.4 venom lipo battery with a Madbull Ultimate hop up and Black Python Tight Bore Barrel(233mm).

I used Matrix .20 Tracer BBs inside G&G Highcaps and Elite Force Midcaps.

When I measured with my chrono, I was consistently shooting at about 400-415FPS The rate of fire was around 22rps.

It worked great for a day and night op, I brought it home, stored it in my garage for about 3-4 months, took it out, oiled up my mags and used it to play on my birthday last weekend and noticed I had an odd trigger click issue. If I pulled the trigger back too far, it would click and stop shooting. I was able to work through it by shortening my trigger pull, and eventually I ended up duct taping the trigger so it wouldn't go back too far, until I got it home to look at it.

When I took it out, it was cracked on both sides of the gearbox. Once above where the front of the cylinder and again at about 1/2 inch in front of the trigger.

It worked phenomenally the first time I took it out, but it caused me problems the second. I'm hoping mine was just a fluke.

On the bright side, I do have some awesome internals, the bad side is that I have to buy a new gearbox shell to put them in.
by Robert B. on 03/18/2014
"Well first of all it took FOREVER to get here 3 days longer then what they original said. The gearbox as a whole was fine, all the parts worked perfectly except for the gear set. Basically the gears are unusable/defected, the shim selves were missing and which means it cant be shimmed at all and causes the gears to lock up. The real thing that makes me mad is the fact that there is no warranty on the gearbox and evike in there description takes no responsibly in there product which they sold to a loyal customer. Thankfully I have an other high speed gear set to put in. I gave this a generous 3 out of 5 because as a whole it was what I thought it would be. I will still shop at evike but this time more with more caution about what I buy.