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Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG ( M120 / Back Wiring)

21 Customer Reviews

by Matt J. on 12/09/2008
"Um.... seriously... pre-assembled... does it really mean anything else????? This gearbox probably isn't for you if you have to even think to ask. Most, if not all people who will own one of these will be able to build their own gearbox. Look to the JG/E1 replacement gearbox sets if you need to ask something so simple, this will require maintinance within the box eventually so if you're worried about putting it together, this isn't for you. This for any experienced player would be a good, cheaper alternative than to build from seperate parts alone, and a good place to start if you're serious about upgrading your gun.
by Rex M. on 12/09/2008
"I got this mech box and installed it in a CA M15 it ROCKS! It is shooting around 460FPS! SNIPER RIFLE
Probably need to install a different spring to use as primary weapon.
or shoot it enough to weaken spring and hope it last that long? will see
by John H. on 09/29/2011
"I just received this gearbox in the mail today as a replacement for a Dboy M4 that was giving me problems. The packaging is very good, as is the overall quality of the build. My only complaint is the wiring for the battery to the rear of the gearbox is extremely short. There is no way for it to fit in the sliding Crane stock or even through the sling attachment plate. I can solder on some longer wiring, but if the gearbox had come with an additional four inches of wiring, it would have been a perfect fit.
by David B. on 01/16/2009
"I installed this into my STOCK JG HK416 Full Stock with a 9.6 volt 3000 mah battery to push it. My stock FPS was 396 fps. With this Gear box and my 9.6V 3000mah battery installed the FPS jumped to 434 fps, just from the install. I had it chronoed by Airdog Airsoft at an event my team hosted in Alabama on 1/2/09. I'm lucky I was planning on it becoming a sniper rifle.
by alex j. on 05/03/2014
"I bought this gearbox just under two years ago and it has served me well up to this point. I'll start with the good things about it. All of the internals are very strong and well made, however I have had to replace the spur gear due to a tooth fracturing off of it. While the internals are very good that doesn't matter at all if the gearbox shell isn't built well, which it is not. One week ago the front end of both halves of the shell fractured right off where this piston hits the cylinder head. This is a horrible gearbox in terms of longevity but when it works it works well, This gearbox has been run completely stock except for a change of gears due to the tooth fracture, I put in JG standard gears as a replacement. I do not go airsofting every weekend so this gearbox did not see extensive use, I usually go every 6 weeks or so. This break will render your gun useless and will cause stress on the hop up if you do not find the fracture in time. This may also cause your hop up to break leading to many headaches as I have experienced.

Would I recommend this? NO-NOT EVER, Unless you plan on only going airsofting once. I am being dead serious-DO NOT BUY THIS.
by Kevin S. on 05/22/2016
"This gearbox works great until the single shot safety lock breaks off. This has happened in 2 of the same gearboxes. I would recommend a G&P over this gearbox all day long.