Reviews: Systema M160 Taper Spring for Airsot AEG (500~550 F.P.S.)


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Model: SPR-STMA-M160

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by elijah s. on 2010-01-08 23:32:16
"I installed this into my JG M4 with NATO tight bored AEG, and my FPS went from a wimpy 415 FPS, to an painful 506 FPS!!! If you have an AEG it needs: metal bushings, metal spring guide, reinforced piston head, torque up motor, and a 9.6v or higher battery :)
by Mathew D. on 2009-02-12 17:51:36
"Im planing on getting this soon... but yes to answer your guys questions you will need a full gearbox, motor, and battery upgrade for this to be used to its full potential. (and in some cases at all) Anyways... great spring, great power, sniper spring, Systema springs are the way to go best quality on the market and the only one i trust.
by Justin H. on 2008-11-16 09:42:50
"It would work but you would have to upgrade ecerything. You would need to upgrade you're bushing,reinforce you're gearbox,new spring guide,better battery,and better motor.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)