Reviews: Matrix Reinforced Wiring w/ Fuse For M249 Series Airsoft AEG (Wiring to the Back)


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Model: Wiring-MTX-M249-B

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by zane a. on 2015-05-12 22:27:33
"i received this a while ago, and it functions perfectly with the saw. The wires on the one that i received are not the same as the one in the picture, but instead are like braided cable with a very nice coating on it, and it's not the normal silicone coating, it's much higher quality clear plastic. i would give this a product a 5/5.

also, as a note, on the product page, it says (back) or (front) depending on where the wiring is going to. it doesn't actually matter. cause i got the wiring that says it for the back, but after i while, i ended up moving the battery to the front and i just used the same wiring, and it works just fine.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)