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High Speed MOLLE Compatible Airsoft M4 Mag Carrier - Black / Set of 2

5 Customer Reviews

by Will A. on 01/28/2014
"Ok I've bought two sets of these now and I would have to say they are my favorite way to carry my mags. The first time I bought them the rubber was extremely tight and held the mag in real tight, which is good, the second set I bought the rubber was loose and I was a little concerned but after a bit it tighten up and I have no problems.

Mags stay tight and come out easily
can be mounted upside down on the back of my vest and still be used 100% flawlessly
don't have any problem going prone with them
low profile

the rubber can ether be tight or loose when you get them
bot sets I've gotten the type that has the thing that sticks up on the back and I don't know what they are for

Fit my Elite Force Midcaps and my PMags with no problem. metal fit to but I don't use them
by Thuytran N. on 03/21/2013
"Since there are no reviews for this and I always wondered what these were like before I bought them, let me clarify for people now that I have.

-Fits M4 Mags (Tested with plastic midcaps and metal flashmags)
-Holds Mags tight enough so that they dont shake around but loose enough so you can get to them quickly
-Nice plastic Material
-Comes with 2 per set
-Fits belts & molle on regular vests


Overall, if you are looking for a unique way to carry your mags with quick access as well as high speed set up, I recommend this, 5/5
by Jorge T. on 07/02/2013
"These do a good job of keeping mags in place. I have even tried putting my WE Glock mags and they fit fine but not the 50 rds extended ones because they move back and forth a lot. Regular cap pistol mags work just fine.

The way it stays in place is through a set of straps that you weave through your MOLLE vest and hook into the bottom of the mag carrier. These are made out of RUBBER so over time they will probably rip where they hook onto the mag carrier.

When I walked in to the store to buy them they already had a torn rubber strap so keep an eye out for that. Evike was more than generous enough to go ahead and replace the one that had a torn rubber strap.

Hope this helped
by Kevin L. on 07/17/2014
"People aren't critical enough on their reviews.

These are cheaply made replica's of the ITW FastMag. The rubber inserts in the pouch just fell out on two of mine. But the worst part is definitely the back strap - it's a VERY cheap strap, and the way the strap + hook is designed at the bottom, the cheap strap just simply will not last. It WILL break. Two of mine broke just after a few minutes of strapping it onto gear and test fitting. One other won't stay secure. Once you have it in your hands, you'll see for yourself.

These are pretty good value, so if you're not sure if you'll like this style of mag pouch - this is a decent way to try them before buying the real thing.
by James F. on 07/15/2013
"These are HORRIBLE! Received a pair last week and the back straps on each one were ripped. I had to super glue and electrical tape them back together. Also the straps are so weak, you can barely get them to slide into MOLLE webbing. Horrible!