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G&P 40mm Rubber Projectile Cap Type Airsoft Gas Grenade Shell (Package: Set of 3)

6 Customer Reviews

by Mark H. on 11/28/2016
"They actually work rather well BUT....

do not buy these if you have this launcher because they will NOT work....
by Demetrius J. on 02/08/2015
"These projectiles are awesome!!! I bought my grenade launcher with the intent of using it as a grenade launcher and these things work great! When you fire them the launcher makes a loud pop and the projectile goes flying a good 100 feet. So if you play any sort of tactical games that require clearing of buildings, this will work great.

The only issue, is the caps like to run away! They always travel a lot farther than expected, and are incredibly hard to spot. I recommend painting them a bright colour to try and keep track!

But beyond that, i highly recommend buying these, as they work exactly how you would expect, and in my personal opinion make great use of the grenade launcher.
by Steven S. on 08/09/2014
"Good shock and awe value when fired in a tight space..perfect for those technical kills or that one guy who won't call his hits!

Multiple use projectile
Varied gas options
Good range for a grenade

by Hung Chun H. on 09/16/2014
"This is of the few projectile shells that goes below US$30 per unit. The finish is also excellent. The shell can actually take regulated CO2 up to 550psi using the Mad Bull Portable CO2 Refill Charger (available at Evike), but it will seize up above that pressure. However, the use of rubber projectile just doesn't have enough effect to use in skirmishes. I've been developing special effect projectiles specifically designed for this shell called the P.M.O.G.: Here are some videos of the P.M.O.G.:
xNvYoxzOgKC. The P.M.O.G. projectiles will probably be available for sale at the end of 2014.

1. Cheap
2. Great finish

1. Cannot take unregulated CO2
2. Cannot shoot BBs, which I don't really care.
by Nicholas H. on 09/06/2014
"Bought a few of these to try and work on anti-vehical squads (Im usually a grenadier) and they work find though may be a bit short range. The piston that needs to be struck though has a deisgned in indentation which can prevent the firing pin from reaching the piston. Solution was to superglue a motor spacer to the back of it to give it more reach. No it does NOT misfire when loaded so dont worry about that. Even then i dont keep these in as standard loads, just the shotgun rounds. Otherwise i think it works well and the cap is reusable.
by Steve K. on 05/09/2017
"These Shells Suck. I Had To Tape Up the base of the shell where the rubber/plastic slug goes around to make it fit. Also The Firing Pins Are Recessed to where the plunger of a m203 cant push it enough to push the firing pin down enough to release the gas. The Only Way to use these grenades is to mod the firing pin on the shell. Maybe some hot glue or super glue a pencil eraser to the firing pin