Reviews: MAG 120rd POM Airsoft Gas Grenade Shell - Set of 3 / Blue


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Model: GS-MAG-POMx3-BL

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by James W. on 2015-07-06 14:30:43
"I have 4 of these and I absolutely love them. They are plastic, so I would advise using green gas only. They are the most reliable grenades I have ever owned. The internals seem like they are madbull copies, they only have 4 ball barrings, and they are lighter then metal grenades. I would advise you to make sure to lube the O ring in the fill valve, because all of mine went out. The silicon spray helps to lube the O rings and will improve longevity.
by Nathaniel J. on 2013-10-03 11:11:23
"This is the first bb shower grenade I have purchased. I bought the other foam rocket shell, which ended up being a failure.

I do not normally write reviews because there are often enough out there on most products I buy. But after searching as long as I cared too for information and reviews on this product and finding nothing, I figured I would help out.

Currently, I have only test fired one shell. I guess I cannot provide a full statement for the consistency of product.

This shell is extremely nice. It is not super high quality cnc like I have heard of other grenades, but the polymer seems to be strong and will last long enough.

I have used the shell fully loaded, and it shoots around 50-70' with about 20-40' spread. I would prefer to have this loaded half way around 60-80 rounds because the range and accuracy increase significantly.

I hope this helps those who are on the fence about purchasing. I was hesitant because I like to research and heavily rely on product reviews.

Happy Hunting.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)