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King Arms 60 round Airsoft Gas Grenade Cartridge M433. (Set of 3)

7 Customer Reviews

by Gabriel V. on 09/07/2009
"will this fit in the m203 that the g&p m16 vietnam comes with just need to know because im thanking about buying the gun and some other stuff and i need to know how much everything will cost all together thank you for enyone who helps.
by zach h. on 10/22/2008
"i just got these and they are very good and powerful. also, i really do not recommend at all twisting the grenade the tinyest bit, the bearings will fall in to the grenade and its a huge pain in the ass to put them all back in. i had to use tape to keep them in, took me an hour or so to make it usable again. also, i you do open it and lose a bearing or two, its okay, it only needs 6 to work (has 8 to begin with), but besides my painfull afternoon, they are awsome, i will soon review them on youtube, my name is rabidairsofter if ur interested on my other gun reviews
by Andy H. on 09/18/2008
"You are not suppose to twist it open ever. And resetting is pushing the button down all the way then release.

If you twist it open and loose some bearings inside, they sell replacemetns for a bag for like $5 only. Its a easy fix, but unless they are ran over by a car and or you drop it 1000 feet, you can fix it easy (or, just putting it back together)
by Robert G. on 08/02/2008
"rofl!! what can you tell me about the performance on par with mad bull greandes?
by James M. on 07/24/2008
"The king arms round and pointy ones are different in:

1) Color
2) Shape

Got the answer from emailing King arms.
by Kelli G. on 06/23/2008
"omg dude this is the best shell ever dont go with madbull i bought the custom firing xm87 shell to where u can launch anything they say from it well i filled it with tacks and only like 400 of the 10000 i put in there came out so then i tried launching a squirrel at some noobs but the squirrel wasnt operational so then i bought this shell it is so worth the $20 less i love king arms they are so much better then the madbull grenades go for the $20 less and save the money and then when u buy a total of 2 with the money left over u could buy another one woot mega ownage my madbull was beyond repair the shell shot out and blew up my friend were gonna miss johnny...
by taylor a. on 06/13/2008
"these things are sweat!

i always yell out watch out for my dildo's before i go out to the field