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WE-Tech Magazine for Hi-Capa Series Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols

17 Customer Reviews

by Vaughn H. on 07/17/2016
"Excellent Magazine for the price. Not as good as a Tokyo Marui, but still a excellent and viable option for most hi capa's.

Will likely fit in any Tokyo Marui, W.E and KJW Hi capa ( I've owned multiple, of varying brands)

Like any Mag, will benefit from having the O-rings greased properly.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"These mags work great for the pistol I use Phantom Custom WE CQB Master Alpha Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol, the pistol came with 1 extra mag so ended up buying 3 more of these mags to finish a great set for me. I do recommend checking your mags as soon as you get them, 2 of the mags I ordered had leaks straight out of of the box, but I had some extra o-rings and just replaced them. The typical problem that can come with GBB mags. But mags that work, performed flawlessly and can take a drop to the ground.
by David P. on 01/04/2016
"I got two for my CQB master WE TECH Hi capa, and they work flawlessly. They look exactly like the ones that came with my gun. However, I would advise you to pick up some O-rings for these as I have heard about them leaking, mine didn't though. One of the mags that came with my gun was leaking but I oiled the o-ring and tightened the screw on the bottom and no more leaking. I would advise you to oil the O-rings before your use these mags, and again every once in a while, just to keep them from leaking.
by Matt H. on 09/15/2015
"This is a pretty good mag. I just received one in the mail and it works great. And for the people asking it does fit in the 7" dragon that's what I have
by Marcus C. on 09/04/2014
"I just received my two mags. and tried them immediately yes they are slightly heavier, but not by much in my opinion. They are easier to fill with gas than my TM mags and a check of a lot cheaper than my TM mags. For the price I would recommend them for the 5.1 Hi Capa's.
by benjamin h. on 01/31/2010
"From my experience this magazine is better than the Tokyo Marui one. I own both and prefer this one. It loads gas more efficiently, holds more gas, and holds it for longer. The gas also lasts for a little more than one full magazine whereas the TM version only lasts one magazine at most. In the future, if I need to replace a magazine for my TM 5.1 hi-capa I will be buying another one of these.
by Russell C. on 11/25/2008
"Great mags, I got four and only one leaked on me but i took the base plate off and cleaned out the o-ring channel of casting marks and the problem was compleatly fixed. I let the mags sit for 24 hours full of gas and they still shot all 30 rounds. I use these mags in my kjw kp-05 Hi-Capa and they fit and fire great.
by jonathan C. on 11/03/2008
"These mags are great, came with my hi capa 5.1 1911 stock. had it for a few months now with no leak on two of them. For the third one, My little brothers frned dropped it and it broke, 10 seconds fill i got 5 shots and u can see the gas leaking out,
by bvjk v. on 10/17/2008
"Hey for the guy under my review, did it work or not, or if anyone else knows if this works for the WE Xecelerator 7" Dragon 1911 HI-CAPA
by Ramy L. on 09/21/2008
"This works for the WE 7 inch Full Metal Dragon Speed Shooter Hi-CAPA Gas Blowback rite?
by Laszlo S. on 12/17/2017
"These are good mags but beware, if you let go of the spring at the bottom the feeding lip could break.
by Jim B. on 08/14/2014
"I use this magazine in my TM 5.1 hicapa

-It doesnt leak
-It fits in near all type of hicapas
-Feeds Great
-Dirt Cheap for a GBB mag

-Its not as easy to put bb's in the gun as a TM mag
-Mag lip may break since is WE (you can buy replacements on evike for like 4.50)
-Slide doesnt lock back sometimes (I plan on short stoking my gun so it wont be a problem

Pro or Con: (depends on what you want from it)
-Its heavy

Overall its a great mag for people who are on a budget,
by Roger T. on 02/23/2012

- High Capacity
- Leaks coming from the base is easily fixed - Replace the O ring which costs $1.50
- If you have half a brain, its easy to take apart for maintance and replacement parts.


- Can leak if not maintained, OIL THE O RING IN THE BASE!!
- Heavy compared the normal ones
- Bulky

Bottom line

I like it even though people seem to hate the bottom base plate and its size. I find the piece that sticks out actually makes it easier to grab in the middle of a fight. Sure it won't win points for authentically but you'll be happy playing a game with 26 rounds instead of the normal 15.

Also WE is infamous for leaky mags which 9/10 times is the base plate O Ring. Once I found that out, replacing it was cheap and easy. Evike sells this O ring for $1.50.
by Patricia M. on 09/13/2010
"Will these magazines fit in the KWA M1911DS PTP? I think that's a 4.3. Just want to make sure.
by Evan J. on 10/28/2008
"hey it would be cool if you guys actually posted things that matter to other people who want this because I don't know wether or not these mags are good or if it is more worth the extra $4 to buy the metal version...So ya. once someone asks a question, Don't ask it again....