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Matrix "Flash Mag" Hi-Cap Magazine for G36 SL9 Series Airsoft AEGs (470~530 Rounds)

9 Customer Reviews

by Mason C. on 06/16/2016
"I always prefer flash mags over any other mags and this one is definitely a very nice one. It serves it's purpose and performs very well.

can hold 450+ bbs
easy to load
feeds nicely
bbs are easily winded (it's a flash mag, duh)
the material is not opaque, allowing me to see my bbs, which I think is nice
has hooks on sides that allow you to connect them to others, which looks super operator

not the most durable mag, but will still last you a long while as long as you don't abuse it
can only be used on certain rifles (this isn't really a con for me, since my gun can use these)

To sum it up, if you are a fast moving speed-softer or just a normal 'softer and want to unload a lot of bbs right at your enemies' faces, then get three of these, hook them together and you will be operator as heck and a beast on the field. You won't regret it.
by jim t. on 11/04/2013
"Overall it is a strong sturdy build made of industrial polymer, and the pull wire is made of braided metal so its built to last as well. Feeding is flawless with 3 pulls. My only downfall to this mag is that it barely fits in my KWA G36 because the mag is slightly wider than other G36 magazines. However, i believe this problem is due to the fact that KWA makes proprietary parts for their weapons that are not ment to fit any other parts that were not made by KWA for KWA.
by Tyler J. on 10/09/2012
"Good mag, a bit stiff in the mag well/lower reciever but there's absolutley no wobble. Feeds wonderfully, fully wound feeds all the bb's minus 1-3 and a few fall out when you drop the mag. I bought two, the snap together snug and they also snap together with my JG hi cap that came with my gun. Will be buying more.
by Corey S. on 12/28/2014
"Great mag, I normally don't run any hi-caps because I hate the loading wheels and feeding problems (seriously I own 11 mid-caps and can have all of them on my rig). I havent had any problems with the mag, even the ones others had like difficult bottom door or not attaching to other mags. All in all a great hi-cap.
by Mike c. on 09/20/2014
"Nice mag but has some flaws.

This mag is nice. Its not the best g36 mag but its sure is better then some of the other cheap ones out there. I have had good experiences with this mag because it dose what its supposed to do plus the pull string saves A TON of time. I would recommend it over most cheap g36 high caps. The only real problem i have had is that after about 5,000 rounds when you load the mag and its in your gun it will fire about 4-25 round and then stops feeding and when i have this problem what i see happening is that it doesn't matter if you pull the sting 5 times or 50 the gun is only winded to were it will feed 4-25 and then it stops feeding. Although for some weird reason this problem went away when i ran out of .25s and started using .20. So over all its a nice mag not the best but for being just another high cap the pull sting saves so much time its worth getting.

-Feeds great
-Feeds pretty fast
-Pull string saves A TON of time

-Loading door is hard to open (not that big of a con)
-Pull string doesn't always go back in the mag (easy fix just pull it all the way out and then let go
-Has feeding problems after about 5,000 rounds
by Cindy M. on 07/24/2014
Good build quality
Fits tightly and feeds perfectly in a KWA G36c
Winds quickly

Winding string gets stuck often and does not return to inside the mag propperly
Does not clip together with other mags (including other Matrix flash mags)
by Noah F. on 05/21/2013
"It's alright. It feeds well in my Ares G36, and it's quick to wind, but the wire/chord part is really, really tiny, making it hard to wind with gloves on, or to grab and pull quickly during a firefight. The material is also very, very fragile. The notches that hook into each other snapped off pretty quickly from normal use, and when I slipped and dropped two of them onto a concrete floor, they broke into pieces. I got them because at the time, they were the only G36 flash mags I could find, but they aren't bad. Just be gentle.
by Patrick C. on 07/11/2012
"Great Hi-Cap Mag! Works just like it was advertised. Only Con is it will not attach to my stock KWA Hi-Cap mag, other than that it works great. I am going to order a bunch more for my next time skirmish.
by phil s. on 10/29/2013
"Purchased two of these mags. They fit well in my g36 with no wobble. The mags WILL NOT feed all the rounds, leaving at one point over 15 rounds that would not feed. After ten minutes the first mag would not feed any rounds at all. It simply stopped working. The winder would not catch and feed any rounds. The second mag wire jammed fully extended and the little plastic end popped off the cable. Now the cable just hangs there. Now, I am a conservative player. Due to a leg/hip injury I tend to walk to a position and provide cover fire. That being said, I am not at all abusive with my gear. So that leaves me questioning the quality of plastic flash mags. I also purchased a metal m4 flash mag for another weapon and it works great. But I'm going to stick with good olé wheel wound mags for my hi caps. They're less expensive and I know they're dependable.

Others may swear by these mags and I am glad they work well for them. But after two breakdowns I simply cannot recommend anyone purchasing these. Buyer beware.