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Lonex Full Metal "Flash Mag" 360rd Hi-Cap Magazine for M4 Series Airsoft AEG

78 Customer Reviews

by Joseph B. on 09/01/2011
"5 star on these babies. Ordered two of these about 2-3 months ago and so far they have performed flawlessly, gonna swap out all my mags for these. You can qualify these as mid cap killers.
by Will F. on 08/09/2011
"If you have a lipo this is a must have. These mags are just great I haven't had one problem and i have had them for about a month now and they have been so helpful. It's so easy to use compared to a normal high cap because you don't have to stop shooting and wind up a mag. Just a pull a cord 3 times and you're done.

5/5 easily
by AJ S. on 08/06/2011
"These mags are awesome. The only thing I have to complain about is when I first got them, the door that covers the winding mechanism didn't want to open and I actually shredded both of my finger nails once I got it open, so word to the wise, wear gloves when opening the latch for the first time. Other than that these are great mags.
by george b. on 08/03/2011
"Get em! feeds great! holds alot and no winding!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are in a metal casing so they can take a beating too! buy as many as you can!!
by George C. on 08/02/2011
"great product wont look back,
tight fit so no wobble.
all metal
sturdy string, wont break
7-8 pulls and the whole clip unloads
by Shannon Y. on 07/04/2011
"Love this mag great mag it really reloads faster than any other mag. I have a a@k saw and i ditched my box mag for 3 of these. I cannot find much flaws besides that the bottom can be tricky to open and that it makes a loud noise so dont try going stealth with these.

Really fast
Full Metal

Makes a loud noise
somtimes tricky to open
by William M. on 06/18/2011
"Dont use it for the G&G FN 2000 the mag gets stuck, but it is great for m4's
by javier c. on 06/08/2011
"These magazines are amazing!!!
I bought several and I have no complaint from them!!!
Greetings from Mexico!!!
by Andrew L. on 05/29/2011
"I got two of these mags and it has been the best decision i've made. When I used these things at my local field, everyone thought they were really sick. I was able to take out a lot of enemies who were too busy winding up their mags to do anything. I highly recommend this to everyone.
by Matthew C. on 05/23/2011
"Best mag ever!

I bought one for my GR16 and loved it so much that I bought another. I haven't had one mis feed, and to prep it to shoot it takes less than 5 seconds.
by Justin H. on 05/09/2011
"does what it says. i havent actually counted how many bb's it holds but i can say it really does empty out the whole mag.
by Christopher B. on 05/01/2011
"My nephew bought two of these mags before we departed to play Operation White Wing: MASHERIII. Let me tell you like this, this game is a Vietnam Milsim and believe you me, these mags got the ultimate workout. I pull the string 3 times and never had to deal with the mag again. This mag is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone that has an M16/M4 variant. No more winding a rachet wheel just pull the string three times and you are set. I got a lot of weird looks and laughs after pulling the string as most people were waiting for the mag to talk back to them. One guy even made the Toy Story Phrase of "Reach for the sky!"

Mag holds 360bbs
3 string pulls is all it takes to fire all the bbs out of the mag

None that I can see so far.
by John B. on 03/08/2011
"this is seriously one of those items that scores the perfect 10, feeds great in even the highest rate of fire guns, so easy, good looking, durable, just perfect. keep in mind it won't fit in a KWA without a little "love" but that is KWA's fault, not the mag. Don't waste any more of you're money on other kinds of high cap mags, this is the only high cap i will ever by from this day forward. Can't wait for them to start making them for other guns.
by Jacob D. on 02/07/2011
"To me there is no comparison with this mag i love it and i will never look back on winding mags again. I just finished playing an Op not too long ago and I cant tell you how many times i got the drop on people with winding Hi Caps cause they were in the middle of winding them. Great Job Lonex for these mags will never look back
by Don S. on 02/01/2011
"As several people have stated these magazines are excellent. Everyone I know who has used these magazines has loved them and made them their magazine of choice for airsoft. I currently own four of these magazines and use them in my KWA KM4 SR10. The fit was tight to begin with but, like many new products, it just took a few tries to "Break in" the magazine so it would wear slightly in just the right places for an easy fit in the magazine well.

As you can see from the youtube video what makes these magazines great is that you simply need to pull the ripcord 3-4 times and these magazines will allow you to empty the entire clip before they need to be wound again. This completely eliminates the #1 performance issue with hi-capacity magazines, the need to wind them a few times on a single magazine. You'll see many battery operated and auto-winding magazines that have attempted to solve this problem by using electric motors and sound-sending activation, but Lonex's design tops them with a simpler design that doesn't need batteries, doesn't come with the sound of an electric motor, and sells for less.

If you've been using mid-caps because you hate winding magazines then these magazines will become your new favorites. No more speed-loaders or feeding issues (In my experience hi-caps feed better than mid-caps) like you get with mid-cap magazines.

The only bad thing I can say about these magazines is that I don't think their design would work with MagPul Ranger Plates or MagPuls (Though it's possible they might work with MagPuls, I haven't tried it though.)