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Steel 540 Round Curved Magazine for ARES S&T 6mmProShop Snowwolf PPSH Series Airsoft AEG

5 Customer Reviews

by Sangmin L. on 03/10/2016
"Good mag, bought 10 so I don't have to use the drum mag!
by Eric S. on 01/13/2015
"Very nice mag for the price. It's a pretty heavy magazine, being stamped steel, but that also makes it more rugged and durable. The loading door on mine was not a problem, as its spring loaded. All you do is pull back on the loading door, and the door will pop right open. To close it, you just push gently down, and slide it forward. It is an extremely tight fit at first, but after just three mag insertions and removals, the mag goes in and comes out much easier. My guess wuold be that the more you use it, the easier it will go in and come out, and silicon oil will also help a great deal. No issues with winding or feeding BB's in mine (using a 7.4 lipo in the gun). Overall, I'm happy with it, but trying to find reproduction mag pouches could be difficult, as you can find repro drum style pouches everywhere, but I haven't seen many stick type mag pouches. All in all I'll give it 5 stars.
by tom g. on 12/08/2014
"The curved magazine fits my S&T PPSH perfectly. No wobble. Very solidly built, If I put the magazine in and put the stock on the ground I could probably stand on the magazine as a step it feels that solid. IMO I feel the PPSH is one of the classic gun designs of all time so I was very pleased to have picked up 2 ppsh stick mags. Both mags fed well and I used them several times in the past week in my basement target range. I only took them to the airsoft arena for "battle" and worked fine for me no problem. If you are fan of the PPSH buy these magazines with confidence before I do when I have more money :) . Seriously though to present a fair review,, the place where you put in the bbs is a little hard to access if you have big hands or fingers. I took to using a awl to prop open the door so I could pour bbs in. On the other hand that bb door is spring powered to keep it shut and that is a good thing because bbs wont fall out easily.
by Michael S. on 02/05/2013
"Nice magazine, stamped and welded steel construction, very heavy compared to other steel magazines (No weights on the inside either). Feeds good and looks very nice in the PPSh, much more unique. Only disadvantage is the wobble is slightly more noticeable than with the drum mag I own, but it does not affect the feeding.
by John P. on 07/31/2013
"This mag looks pretty cool, but it has some problems. It may have been a defect with mine, but when I got mine in the mail, it was all scratched up, like it had been damaged in shipping or something, it seemed to be only cosmetic damage at first, but then I noticed something, when I filled up the mag with bbs and started winding the wheel, the bottom plate where the wheel is, was loose, and it slid into the winding wheel while I was winding it and it got jammed on the wheel. This kept happening and I tried over and over again to keep that bottom plate from moving, but it just kept jamming that wheel, so then I decided to drill a hole in it and screw it onto a piece of the inner mechanism that didn't have any use really, then it stopped moving.

- It looks cool in the gun.
- It feeds pretty well when the bottom plate wasn't moving
- Holds 500 rounds

- There is slight wobble when it is in the gun
- The bottom plate moves and isn't held in place by anything, causing the wheel to jam.

All in all, if you want spare mags for your PPSh, just shell out the extra cash and get more drum mags, those seem to work much better than this, but if you want to give your PPSh a new look and try your luck with these mags, go ahead and get one.