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King Arms 300rd Hi-Capacity Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: Set of 5)

5 Customer Reviews

by Connor M. on 05/19/2018
"I ordered this mag at the same time as I ordered the P90 I run it in, and I am properly impressed at the quality. At no point have I experienced any feeding or jamming issues, nor has it suffered any other mechanical failure.

The fit is a little tight; it requires slightly more pressure to depress the BB release mechanism than my normal magazine, but it runs like a champ.
by John D. on 09/12/2017
"I had an issue with this magazine binding and not feeding. I truly believe it was a one-off, isolated bad magazine which could have just as easily been a proper, working unit. what makes an otherwise frustrating experience a worthwhile endeavor was the handling of the issue by Evike's tech staff and support structure. I've never had a better experience with the handling of the troubleshooting and eventual resolution of a product purchased online, period.
I will no longer shop price and assuming Evike carries the model, etc. I will buy it without trepidation as I know they stand behind their product line, right down to a low-dollar magazine.
After experiencing their support and return process, I am convinced my experience with this mag was a one-off, flawed unit as it would not be financially viable to sell them otherwise.
by Cryss V. on 03/12/2017
"I bought a couple of these, I cleaned and lubricated them once I received them and ran .2 and .25 matrix match that I bought here through it and it runs like a champ no issues through the FN licensed p90. Quite satisfied with them.
by Omar D. on 06/26/2015
"This magazine has gotten some bad reviews for jamming if you look up reviews for the King Arms P90 and P90 high caps are notorious for jamming. I have had no such issues if you know what you're doing. This is my take on it.

I have had no feeding issues with these magazines under ONE condition and if you follow this guidance you will have positive results too.

My advice is to always use high grade match bbs. When I used bbs with a quality discrepancy of .03mm the bbs jammed and I had feeding issues. however, as soon as I dumped out those bbs and switched to Matrix match grade bbs with a diameter of 5.95mm and a discrepancy of .01mm, I was able to fire all 300 bbs with no jamming (And I mean NO jamming!) It really is about the bbs you use.

To use these magazines, push up the spring in the middle and open the hatch at the top. then, start pouring in bbs. It holds 300, which is a good amount. then, close the hatch and wind the magazine fully. You will know when you are done winding because there will be a distinctive "click" sound. after that you can fire all 300 rounds without winding again. In my opinion, it is much nicer than high caps for AKs or M4/M16 because you only wind once. There is no winding during battle which is much more realistic. I feel like these have gotten an unfairly bad reputation when in my experience all you need to do is use proper bbs and you'll be fine. Don't let negative reviews about P90 magazines be the reason you don't get a P90, they are amazing guns.
by Grant B. on 11/26/2016
"Do not buy this mag
It Is constantly jamming every 5-6 shots
The clip already has a couple cracks on the Side that loads the bbs after 1 day use
The small knob you have to crank hurts your fingers after a while
This clip is not worth $23