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MAG 170 Round Midcap Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG (Package: Single Magazine)

12 Customer Reviews

by Clark R. on 05/18/2018
"I purchased two of these, sceptical of the reviews but they work perfectly.
by Jonathan S. on 02/09/2015
"I had a high-cap that came with my gun (CA90 sportline) but it would never feed more than 2-3 BB's before completely un-spooling and causing a whole lot of stress, and taking it apart to build a ramp (look it up) etc. etc. So I decided to switch to mid-caps.

I bought a few of these and they work great! The plastic feels very sturdy and it does not feel like it will break easily. It feeds very fast: I've held down the BB release with my thumb (not loaded in the gun) and all 170 rounds will eject in less than a second.

There is a bit of a break in period where the spring may not push the BB's all the way forward. If this happens in field, just take the mag and smack it (like really, really hard) against your thigh and it will start feeding again. To fix it, I got some cheap-o 0.12g BB's from wal-mart and spent a night watching TV while loading and unloading them repeatedly into a Zip-Lock bag until I got bored. I've also used 2 squirts of silicon oil and all of this has seemed to fix any misfeeding issues.

The only other issue I have heard of (but have not tested myself) is that these mags will break spring speed loaders. I bought a stick speed loader ( which can hole about 58 BB's before you have to push them in. Just mark off where 50 BB's are with a permanent marker so you don't accidentally overload the magazine.

Mag pouches are tough to find for cheap and they are very big (check out a google search for vests with p90 mag pouches). I have an old-school camel pack without the bladder and I've been using that to hold my mags which works surprisingly well once you figure out a system to tell by touch which mag is full in which are empty (I make sure the circular side is up for full mags and the square side is up for empty mags).

And Evike If you guys want to get some drop leg pouches for p90 mags I'll definitely buy one or two!


Feeds fast
Hold lots of BB's


A bit of a break in period
need a stick speed loader
Hard to find cheap magazine pouches

Verdict: Get these if you want reliable p90 mags!
by Bradley B. on 12/03/2014
"These are the most reliable and fastest feeding magazines I own. Aside from the break-in period, where all four jammed at once, they have been a P90 dream. Its strong spring makes this magazine a must have for high speed builds.
by Bradley B. on 12/03/2014
"These are the most reliable and fastest feeding magazines I own. Aside from the break-in period, where all four jammed at once, they have been a P90 dream. Its strong spring makes this magazine a must have for high speed builds.
by simon w. on 09/05/2014
"Approximately four months ago I bought five of these mags. Four for my vest and one in my gun.

They do not hold the stated 170 rounds, I regularly fill them up to 150. Anything beyond that and it feels like you'll break your speed loader or your wrist.

Aside from that the only 'problem' I had was a washer (A rubber one, like an o-ring, no idea what it was for) came out of two of them. The o-rings jammed the mags when they came out, but it took only a couple of minutes to fish them out. I have given those mags hell for three months, with a game every weekend and they have had no problems feeding.

I wouldn't let that stop you from buying them though, hell I want to get three more just to say I'm carring 1200 rounds on me with a p90.

So, feeds a charm, holds more than enough ammo, and decent quality.
by john f. on 07/25/2013
"Excellent P90 magazine. Built extremely well, the plastic is solid and has absolutely no flex in it at all, unlike some other P90 mags. Considering the price, these are well worth the money.
by Josh K. on 08/23/2012
"I own 2 of these and they are great

They feed perfectly and hold a lot. Very good if you dont want to use a box mag on your p90

-As usual, mag brand magazines are very good
-Holds a lot
-Very easy to maintain (some silicon here and there)
-Way better than hi caps (they suck)

-I overpaid at my local shop. evike has them WAY cheaper!
-Not a lot of pouches to choose from for p90 mags since they are so big.
by Joshua K. on 05/19/2011
"For those of you who want a reliable P-90 mag with a good ammo capacity, and don't want to buy that ugly looking box mag, this is the mag for you. It works great, and has fed flawlessly with any amount of BBs I can fit into it, looks and feels extremely durable. As for me, I cannot ask for a better mag (unless it held more BBs :P).
by jack z. on 05/12/2011
"awesome magazines. never buy p90 high caps they all suck so hard. these mags feed amazingly well and almost come pre broken inthey are super cheap and can hold way more ammo than other other mid cap on the market. evike also has them way cheaper than any other place. i really havent found a single flaw in these magazines. i always do my shopping here and nowhere else. thanks evike.

buy these mags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hideki Y. on 04/16/2017
"This mid-cap mag for P90 eliminates the infamous feeding issue of the hi-cap P90 mags. But the product is not without issue, which can and must be solved for this mag to be really useful.

The issue is that the feeding spring in the mag is too long, creating so much tension that there is no way in the wide world for the mag to accept the 170 rounds that the product name indicates. At least, this is the case with the ones that I have purchased. If you force it, your speedloader will probably break, or bbs shatter, or both.

You basically have to take the mag apart, pull out the spring, cut about 5 inches of it, put the spring back and reassemble the mag. With this work, the tension is such that you can probably load closer to the advertised 170 rounds. There appears to be some variance among these mags with the length of the springs, so you may have to cut more or less depending upon which spring you have encountered.

Once this is done, this mag performs well, virtually never encountering the feeding issue.
by Jayce D. on 05/27/2015
"So maybe I was given lemons, because my experiences were nothing like the ones in the reviews below me. I have tested these mags on 3 different guns and every time the results disappoint me. Allow me to explain:

I purchased 2 of these magazines about 3 years ago, and used them in my JG P90. After breaking them in, they worked pretty well... for a little while. After a few weeks they started to jam and misfeed 1 bb every couple of shots. Eventually it got to the point where it wouldn't fire up to 5 bbs at every few shots. It was getting pretty ridiculous so I simply just stopped using them and let my friend use them for his P90.

This is where things get even more outrageous. My friend who also own a JG P90 used these mags and for some reason 1 of them fed almost perfectly, and the other hardly fed rounds at all (at best it fed like 1 every 2 or 3 shots).

I decided to disassemble these magazines, which is actually quite easy, and clean them out entirely. I washed everything from the casing to the spring, to make sure their wasn't any dirt or unnecessary oil inside. After spending an hour doing so, I reassembled the magazines and kept them in storage for about 6 months (I didn't have a P90 at the time to test them).

Now today I was finally able to use them in my brand new Echo 1 AR-57. The gun itself is absolutely amazing and I have no problems with the included 68 round magazines. However once again I experienced difficulties with the MAG midcaps. Luckily, one of them (the good one) doesn't misfeed frequently. Every 5 shots it misfeeds 2, then works for another 5 and misfeeds another 2. It's basically a 5:2 cycle until the magazine is empty. On the other hand, the other magazine is like the complete opposite... it's more like a 2:5 cycle where it fires a couple rounds then misfeeds a bunch.

My assumption is that the springs are weak in these magazines, because I am positive that it isn't the guns' fault. I'm not sure if they are worth replacing, but that it my best guess as to why these problems are happening.

So there ya have it... these didn't work very well for me :(
However, because these magazines are rock solid and hold an enormous capacity for a midcap, I have given it 3/5 stars. I think that the design is good but the spring they used could have been a lot stronger. I will update this review if I end up finding a solution to this problem. For now I suggest getting the 68rd low-caps. They might feel cheap, but they are the only magazine to function flawlessly in all 3 of the guns mentioned above. The King Arms midcaps also look promising, so those might be worth a shot. As for these and the hicaps, they aren't worth your time.
by Robert D. on 06/14/2017
"So I ordered the 4 pack, not a single one fed properly after about 2 hours spent just trying to break them in. Plan on returning them