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Matrix P90 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG by JG

23 Customer Reviews

by Luke P. on 08/17/2013
"Work as expected, better than the Tokyo Marui hicap.
This is the same magazine on my JG P90TR and Echo1 E90. Good magazine! Work as expected.
by Tomas P. on 06/05/2011
"Love this mag. Buy at least 2 of these

No need to wind over and over again like an M4 mag. Wind once and it will shoot all 300 bbs

The first few times do the following:

1) lube the bb hole and spring with silicone oil
2) When full of bbs Tap the side a few times.
3) Shoot full mag

Do this two times and from then on it will be FLAWLESS!!!!!

Wind once, then lock and load and shot all 300 rounds without having to rewind!!!

No fake Bullets oh well
by tyler l. on 10/28/2010
"it is very good i just reccomend getting the extra 300 hicap mag instead of getting box mag. The extra mags are only about $16 a couple of those is already 600 rounds.
by Chris S. on 04/02/2009
"Just as good as marui high cap for half the price.
will feed entire 300 rounds with one complete wind, on semi or full auto with no hiccups!

price, half the price of marui high cap!
performance is great
fits well in echo1 and marui p90's

marui still has better trademarks and finish is nicer. but who cares!
by marc r. on 03/08/2009
"This is for people who keep saying that they have to take cover in the middle of the game to wind the mag....... YOU DONT HAVE TO!!!!!!!!

IN the beggining f every game wind the made a lot until you feel a liitle resistance and u will here a clicking..... thats wen ur done with winding and it will shoot all 300 bbs.

i have the echo 1 e90 and i have this mag and it works great
by alex g. on 02/19/2009
"very good hi-cap magazine- works better than the tm p90 hi-caps
by Cameron T. on 01/27/2009
"These mags do not come stock with the E90, the E90 comes with (2) 68 round midcaps. This mag is very high quality and feeds very well. It fits in the echo 1 E90 very well and feeds flawlessly. The plastic is stong and you can see when you are running low. I use my p90 as a secondary so I typically only carry the p90 with on mag in it so I need a highcap over those midcaps. You will run out quick on auto with a 68 round mag, especially with the E90. If you have an e90 or anyother p90s you should consider this.
by I luv A. on 11/10/2008
"Sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx
by Kris O. on 11/10/2008
"Yes, this is the same magazine that come with Echo1 or the soon to be released JG / DBOY P90.
by kyler t. on 10/31/2008
"im just writing a review to make this mag look better in stars, i have had no problems with this mag thank you jg
by Matt J. on 06/25/2008
"FINALLY! They have the JG mags in stock, these are the PERFECT replacement to the very over priced TM magazines and these, from my experience, work way better than my $40 mags i wasted money on. The only difference, white gears and not so many un-noticed lazer-etched details such as ammo count(for real P90s not airsoft rounds) or 'Lawn and Gov't use only' crap on the sides. Got a friend who's buying my P90 from me(convenient now that they have these in stock :P) and he loves that mags only cost half as much now. Again, FINALLY they have the cheaper P90 mags in.
by Evan S. on 04/14/2012
"This is a very well made Hi-Cap magazine. It has a nice capacity, you don't have to wind while shooting, and the build is nice. The design is set apart from other Hi-Cap magazines because you only have to wind until it clicks and you can fire the whole magazine, and it makes barely any noise while moving. The only downside I saw was that it misfeeds sometimes and also have to re-wind it once in a while.

Great Price
Sturdy Build
Practical Design
300-round Capacity

Rewind occasionally
BB-Loading Door is small

Overall, if you're looking for a low-priced P90 Hi-Cap that gets the job done, this is the one.
by Andrew N. on 09/01/2009
"This thing feeds quite nicely, but unfortunately p90 mags are very long and and not gear friendly. luckily some budget Paintball pouches should do the trick! It has stopped feeding a few times, but a good smack refeeds it. the problem ended when I lubed the mag. just a suggestion for some who have inconsistent feeding. winding isnt too much of a problem since one wind can take the mag 2/3s through, then you take the mag out and rewind while you are hit/out. it works better than other high caps for rifles because they do not rattle, and they are on top of the gun so you will use all of the bbs.
by Anon L. on 03/28/2009
"These are solid magazines, although fragile in comparison to the Marui, they are still reliable indoors or out.

People need to be aware that if these magazines require maintenance if they are going to feed properly.

Silicon oil should be sprayed liberally into the hole just above the BB-feed nozzle (you'll see a little spring and bb retainer tooth). This will pour into the gears which allow the magazine to function.

Without it, the gears will not be able to keep up with the bb feeding properly, and so misfeed.

Also, the magazine must be fully wound until it produces a clicking sound. If you are finding that you need to remove the magazine to rewind it *before* all your bbs are spent, remember to always wind it until it clicks *each time* you fill the magazine.

For the price and the functionality, these are excellent magazines. If you want something that can be kicked, dropped and stepped on without serious damage, only the Marui magazines are potentially strong enough.
by Ryun V. on 01/20/2013
"Many misfeeds on TM P90 TR. Even after lubing BB hole and gears with silicone, it continues to misfeed. Works sometimes on full-auto and burst, does not work well at all with semi-auto.
After firing a few shots, the magazine spools and won't fire the rest of the magazine, requiring a tedious rewind.
-fits snuggly into TM P90 TR
-holds a lot
-easy to load compared to the original mid-cap
-constant misfeeds
-rewinding fully takes quite a while