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KWA K120 120rd Polymer Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - One

14 Customer Reviews

by Alexander H. on 08/30/2016
"The only polymer midcap magazine that drops freely from my polarstar PDR-C. Its fitment and function are superior to that of short licensed PMAG that comes with the airsoft gun, which does not drop free mind you. Buy them while you can they are the best mid caps out right now it will be a sad day when they are discontinued. No filing or anything needed out of the box.
by Andrew N. on 08/02/2016
"Amazing magazine. Best mid-cap. No winding 90+ rounds I haven't even ran out on one mag.

90+ rounds
No winding
Solid build
Removable cover (different covers)
Never had a feeding issue

by Caleb K. on 01/31/2016
"These are pretty dang good mags. They feed amazingly in my KWA SR-10 but dry fire every 4-5 shots in my custom HPA m4. Fair capacity, good price, and a pretty nice weight. They feel incredibly solid too. I recommend it to all players
by Jacob M. on 07/19/2015
"Amazing magazine, it has an amazing build quality and looks awesome

-High Quality
-Changable Sleeve
-Mid Cap
-Nice KWA Trademarks
-Finger grooves (mainly for looks)
-Feeds flawlessly

-Picky with compatibility (Luckily it worked for my Classic Army but I have had friends with less luck with this mag)

by Matt S. on 06/12/2015
"Awesome. Just awesome.

Looks great
Feeds great
Quality great

Price, not so great
by Shane C. on 05/08/2015
"Got one of these with my KWA mod2, beautiful mag! Feeds better than all my other mags do in this gun including my HI-cap mags. This mag feels sturdy and looks great! Definitely worth the price, id suggest getting 3 or 4 to run with as they only hold 120 rounds. 3 of these should do you just fine for one round!
by Lynn G. on 01/22/2014
"Amazing sturdy little wobble (on a KWA gun)...

-Fast feeding for "fast guns"
-120 rounds
-compatible with Magpul ranger plates
-you can get 2 of these for the price of one magpul pmag

-dont come in tan
-get scratched easily
by Sam W. on 01/10/2014
"awesome mag i got 3 of these for my echo 1 xcr and they r so good my friend got 10

they feed well and look great and are good quality
i would recommend this for any m4
by Jared B. on 07/29/2013
"I bought one of these for my king arms m933. These lock in nice and tight! of course it wobbles like 2 millimeters side to side but its a free fall mag so no complaints here. You can take it apart in a flash if you need to.
Pros: price
Ease of maintence
120 rounds is perfect! my gun just dumbs the mag really fast.
Ranger plates fit!

cons:if your picky. The mag does scratches easily ( I kinda like the look tho)
No other cons
other than that you should buy one and see if it fits in your gun!
by Vejohn T. on 07/01/2013
"These magazines are what you would expect from kwa. The quality is impressive as the plastic is high grade. No complaints here. I plan to get more of these in the near future.
by Karen P. on 03/25/2013
"Very nice mags they feed amazingly
Feeds nice
looks and feels good
well constructed

you dont have one
by matthew m. on 01/06/2013
"Best money ever spent on mags. For the priice and quality of these there basically handing them out for free. Yeah the may be a polymer mag but they feel great, look amazing, feed perfectly, and can really withstand a beating. The only question you should have is do i buy one now, or a case.
by Nixon C. on 12/15/2012
"Amazing! totally excellent product. Feeds every last bbs in the mag. By the way it holds 121. lol must buy I bought 3 of this kwa k120.
by Jonathan C. on 10/23/2012
"LOVE THESE MAGS! Flawless feed, no winding and $12???
Disclaimer: I run a CQR MOD 1 so it BETTER fit/feed.
Still, awesome product!