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AIM 360rd Hi-Cap Magazine for M4 Series Airsoft AEG (For KWA & Comp. M4 series) - Desert

3 Customer Reviews

by Tomas P. on 04/02/2013
"Awesome Mag

I recently purchased a KWA M4 and I was going to purchase a few mags for it. I noticed the claim that these AIM mags will work on KWAs. I had some at home from my previous MATRIX M4 purchases and I tried them.



- Sold build
- Wind wheel easy to turn 9/10 (KWA is only slightly easier to turn, maybe some lube will help)



$8 cheaper than KWA, BUY THEM!!!
by Aaron P. on 02/13/2011
"To Michael F. and any future purchaser of this product - I too bought four of these for my KWA SR10 and had the exact same feeding problem. Only one of the four worked properly. I'm glad to say I found a very simple fix for the issue so hopefully you still have them. Take the one you have that works and notice the little plastic magazine catch that holds the BB's in place after winding is a little shorter in the feeding port than the other three that dont feed. All you have to do is either shave off a little bit of that catch or do what I did and put some material (I used a slice of foam) in the part where you can release the catch with your finger nail. Shortening the catch in feeding port allows the magazine to fully go in the mag well and feed the BB's. Now all four of my mags are working properly. Hope this helps!
by Michael F. on 09/29/2010
"Just received these mags. I spent $72 for 4 of them. I figured that if these worked as well with KWA as they claimed, then it was a savings. Well... only one out of the four mags actually fit a KWA (or any other M4 for that matter). I have 2 KWA's, and tried both with all 4 mags. Same with 2 other AEG brands I've tried. not sure what these were made to fit, but it sure wasn't KWA.

I've been through this a few times now when ordering mags from Evike. They claim fit and function with certain brands, but that doesn't seem to indicate they've actually tested them for fit. Maybe they're just looking to get rid of them?

Hopefully I can find something these will fit in because they of course have all been opened, and show scuffs where I tried to get them to fit. No way Evike will take them back now (nor do they have a good history of taking anything back).

Don't know if this will make it onto the site because they usually police the bad comments and add their own good ones. This is the reason I gave these a 'good' rating. maybe they'll just let it through if it appears to be a good writeup! If it does make it, well consider this your warning. These mags don't fit worth a damn. You're better off picking up $12 Dboys high caps, as I've found that about half of them seem to fit KWA for some reason.