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AIM TOP 190R Aluminum Precision Feeding Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Desert

11 Customer Reviews

by Cody P. on 09/10/2016
"Best magazine ive ever used, i bought ever magazine, including the pts and this magazine
Out preformed all, my only complaint is 1 or 2 bbs are left but
I can live with that, its a 200 round magazine not 190
by Cody P. on 09/09/2016
"I bought 12 different clips bamf,pts,hexmag and out of all of them some 19, 20.00 these mags were the best
I have a classic army delta 12 and it loads flawlessly. Only loss 1 bb but never a jam, also leave them loaded never had 1 issue.
by Richard D. on 12/09/2012
"The best mag, hands down, of any I've ever used in an AEG. After a few games, still feeds flawlessly. Spring is VERY strong, but my guns like it. I'm only able to get about 150bb's into the magazine before I risk breaking my speed loader. I am going to sell my Magpul Pts mags to buy more of these.

About the only other mag that I've had that was this reliable is a good old TM low-cap mag, which costs more and holds 68 bbs.
by Jacob B. on 11/24/2012
"These are very reliable mags, I bought two of them for my DMR build. They are very strong and feed great. There is a small screw on the bottom of the mag that comes lose easily, so be sure to tighten it before you play. Also as you should do with any mid cap mag, load and unload it 5-10 times with some lube to break the spring in. I have found they fit about 150 to 165 bbs safely, anything past that is either going to break the mag or your speed loader.
by Eric C. on 02/19/2012
"These are the best mid-cap there is for M4. High capacity mid-cap magazines will require you to break it in a little bit and it is easy! Spray some silicon oil in it, load and unload 10 times, if you can't do that, you shouldn't use mid-caps. I like thee more than MAG ones that I have 30 of, because they hold much more and the construction is much better.

No sound when you move.
Highest capacity out of all the mid-caps I have for M4
Metal case

by brandon O. on 02/19/2012
"Not bad for 16 bucks. Honestly Im very pleased with these magazines, you will definitely NEED to lube and break in these mags. The spring is very strong, maybe better than my G&P mid caps, way to go evike keep it up.
by David C. on 02/19/2012
"I was very excited to get this magazine last week. I have about 10 plastic 120 rd mid caps which have treated me well, and I was expecting similar results from this. so far, I have not successfully been able to break either of them in.. They won't accept more than 100 rounds, and I almost break my thumb and speed loader when I try to. I have never used mid caps over 120 rounds, but I am assuming that since these have longer springs they need to be more powerful, making it harder to load the first few times. Other than that, they seem to be pretty good. They have a nice alluminum shell, another perk.. metal is always better than plastic. All in all, it should be a great mag once it is broken in, but that takes awhile.


Good capacity
good feeding
powerful spring (could be con)
nice black paint
Mid cap- so silent


doesnt fit well in some guns
takes a long time to break in
by Ron C. on 02/19/2012
"Probably the best mags i have ever bought. Heck, even the G&G mag that came with one of my m4's started to crap out on me but these midcaps are holding strong. I havent used them in an engagement or skirmish or anything like that yet but i cant wait to use these the next time i get to. So why only the four stars and not five? well i will tell you:

Pro: Metal, Strong Internal Plastic, Decent Spring, Reasonably Priced(compared to other metal mags), Durable, and heavy(can be con)

Con: Some mags require modification to fit well(file down or sand down the mag catch notch) VERY LONG break in period, Real Ar15 Pmags cost the same, can break if dropped(i used electrical tape and rubber on bottom to protect them/for grip), and they are the long type magazines, not the standard size ones (comparable to a realsteel 35-40 round magazine i guess)

A tip for breaking in the mags, load them to like 50-60 the first day and make sure to lube the spring(if you dont want to take the mag apart, coat your bbs in silicone before you load as well as the plastic follower inside). Leave the mags alone until the next day then unload and reload them again. Keep doing this while adding more bb's when the spring is loose enough to allow it(like 50 the first time, then 60-80, then 80-100, and so on). Make sure to not leave them loaded for too long but long enough for the spring to wear in.

Also know that the mag is a double stack magazine which means the bbs are scattered and not lined up in a row. This also means that the mag can jam sometimes but this can usualy be solved if you slap the mag against your thigh or something. Note: the spring is VERY FRIGGIN STRONG. Be careful when unloading the mag because the bbs will spray out like a firehose and fly everywhere if you dont release inside of a bag or large container.

In conclusion, i recommend these mags to anyone, but mostly to those who are expericed with them because they can be a hassle at first. Once you get them working right however, they are great to use! Theres a good chance i will buy more.
by Weston L. on 03/28/2015
"I too must have gotten the rotten lemons of the bunch. I bought three of these mid-cap mags. Once filled, they worked properly for a few times. However, after those few times the mag wouldn't push the bbs out...I believe the springs were horrible.
by Dakota B. on 12/28/2014
"I must have gotten lemons too, I also bought 3. these do not feed. maybe 5-10 bbs then it jams. i think it comes from the fact that the bb's are zig-zag stacked.

Pros: Construction, You can take them apart easily and put them back together in the field if you need too. Tan color is pretty nice too

Cons: While a high cap-mid cap hybrid seems like a good idea it fails in the end. they do not feed.
by Michael N. on 04/28/2014
"I'm not sure if I received 3 lemons but these midcaps do not feed properly in any of my 8 rifles. Dboys Scar, Cyma M4, King Arms M4, Dboys M4, KWA KM16. They dont feed at all in most of them and misfeed constantly in a few.


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