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Matrix 150rd Full Metal Mid-cap No Winding Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG

13 Customer Reviews

by Julian L. on 10/14/2016
"Flawless. Truly flawless. I bought three of these magazines for my rather cheap AK-47. It was an AK by DE or Double Eagle. So I was nervous at first, because I was worried they wouldn't fit. But they did, and let me say it shoot beautifully. It was amazing on semi and full-auto. The magazines have a nice weight to them, making them feel realistic. And when put in my gun, there is no wobble at all. It is truly amazing, I will be buying again. Thank's for making such a great product! AND DON'T FORGET YOU NEED A SPEED LOADER!
by Daniel D. on 09/18/2016
"After breaking them it, they still feed flawlessly. It may not feed every single bb, there are usually 2-3 bb's left, they feed without any blanks or jams. Will be buying more!
by valentine t. on 04/09/2016
"bought one a year ago for a cyma cm036. this mag will fit any ak by cyma or rebrand of cyma. best mag until now. starts having feeding issues. just took it apart and everything seems okay.? Idk. but it worked well for the time being. I will relube this thing when I get some silicone spray and let you know how it turned out :)
by Gianni Q. on 03/31/2016
"I bought 5 of these. Definitely a great bang for your buck! They feed flawlessly into my CYMA gun which has an insane ROF. They feel nice in the hands and are incredible durable.
Would recommend these for any AK user!
by Dylan N. on 03/13/2015
"These magazines have a solid build and have no wobble in my Cyma AK-74 (CM048).

I have yet to have any kind of feeding issues. The magazine doesn't have a follower though so like many other mags it won't feed the last 4 bbs.
by Preston T. on 07/23/2014
"Very good build quality. Feels rock solid. No wobble in my AK. no misfeeds. My only gripe is it doesn't feed the last 2 BBs. Otherwise best ak mid caps for the price.
by jeremy s. on 04/17/2012
"This mag is very nice. I bought 4 of them for my CYMA CM048 AK-74. Right when I got them, I did exactly what Evike Matt said in one of evikes videos, I ran bbs through each mag 15 times and I sprayed silicone in the mag. I have had ZERO misfeeds! These mags are flawless! Also they are metal and feel very sturdy.
by Morten N. on 06/11/2014
"This magazine feels very sturdy and adds quite a bit of weight to my lancer tactical ak74u and the cybergun ak74.

It feeds very well but it does not feed the last 4 bb's, which is quite annoying.

the only reason i give it a 4/5
by Andrew W. on 08/30/2013
"This is a great product. It feels nice, looks nice , and seems like a well built magazine. I bought this for my dboys rk01 and the magazine wont lock into place. So it doesnt fit my dboys, might fight others not sure. But still seems like a great mag
by Riley B. on 03/19/2016
"Good mags for cheap guns. Not so much for expensive ones.

Mostly solid metal
Hold a decent amount of ammo
Fit in an M4 mag pouch (a bit snug, but it works fine)
Feed well into my brother's Echo1 AKs74u

Do NOT feed into my E&L
Matte black color clashes with the sexy metallic black of my rifle and the original mag
The lip at the front of the mag is held in with a metal pin. This pin may come loose, which is hard to notice until your mag refuses to get in the magwell.

Overview: Nice mags to have if you have a cheaper AK. I'm not sure how they would perform in, say, an LCT or G&P. DO NOT BUY if you have an E&L.
by Jerry P. on 03/18/2016
"For some reason this mag will not feed Valken Tactical bbs. In the middle of a game all of these type of midcaps stopped feeding, and it seemed weird that all of my brand new midcaps would fail at the exact same time. Once is used some matrix bbs, they worked like a charm. Sometimes the bottom metal plate and corresponding plastic nub will be broken in the package. Of the 7 i have, 3 arrived with this issue.
by Jakob K. on 03/10/2017
"Very disappointed. Both mags I got stopped feeding properly. I'm hesitant to take them apart and lube them, because the stopper latch doesn't decompress all the way. Bb's often fly out even when I'm just trying to take the mag out of my vest pouch.

I'm definitely not overfilling, as I use a 30rd stick loader, and I only get up to about 90-120 (3-4 fills of the stick) before they start spitting back out at me. Even then, they don't all feed properly until I get down to about 10-20 rounds. I guess if I was into MilSim, they'd be fantastic with the low capacity, but im not that kind of a player.

They worked fantastic the one game they worked to their fullest potential, but stopped the next weekend.
by martin p. on 05/16/2015
"Be careful when buying these mags. The picture shows the correct shape but in person they look like 5.56/AK Beta mags. If you don't mind that then these mags are a good alternative to more expensive mags.