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MAG 130 rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Box Set of 8) - OD Green

8 Customer Reviews

by Adam I. on 05/10/2012
"Had these for about 8 months, no problems yet. They claim to be OD, but to be honest I've never even thought they were OD. Look a lot more like silver, but that doesn't matter. Each mag holds around 120 rounds, and fits great in VFC, Echo 1, and AGM M16/M4's.
by tj r. on 05/25/2011
"These are awesome. My teammate runs about ten of these, total, and they feed flawlessy. His dad uses these, and with a few highcaps. Break 'em in and they kick butt. If you want mid-caps, get these and don't even consider the other mags. But that's only if you want mids...

PS Gus G.
1. that info doesnt help.
2. take it to the forums. I get responses to those kind of questions in about an hour.

PPS Travis B.
1. read Nicholas M's review. Does that help?
2. FORUM. but since you didn't read nicks, you probably won't read my PS to Gus... it takes an hour.

These mags are awesome, I wouldn't feel comfortable with anything else. It's like wearing someone else's undies...
Anyways, they are my personal favorite, they run great in a custom G36 (with an M4 magwell), and i LOVE taping these together for dual mags... The plastic in these mags agrees with my camo tape very well..
Hope I helped.
by Brian M. on 03/23/2011
"I love these mags. I have a DBoys SCAR and the mags fit perfectly, little to no wobble, and feed without flaw. they are made of ABS plastic, but can take a beating.
flawless feeding
fits perfectly
can take a beating

by Abby M. on 12/26/2008
"These magazines are pretty good. They don't fit in the gun the greatest, but most mags don't. They feed good. They may be plastic, but if you drop them they aren't going to break. They work with any M4/M16/L85. Buy them they are a great deal!
by Travis R. on 11/19/2008
"These are non-winding, correct? ................50
by Alfonso B. on 07/12/2008
"These are pretty good magazines they do feed pretty well( i have never had a misfeed), and for being plastic they are pretty strong. These look real from far away but if you look closely you can see the seems that bond the two haves together(not like real m4 clips, real ones dont have seems the two pieces of metal overlap each other) and these clips fit in your gun like a high cap magazine, they wobble around. These clips may not fit snuggly in your gun, but so dont high caps. These clips are no doubt worth buying, because of the price an performance. After all airsofting isn't showing off your gun its about the performance of the gun during combat.

by Nicholas M. on 05/14/2008
"I have these and a few hicaps and they do its job well. these are great because there cheap, reliable, and no winding! Exactly the same as the other color ones.
by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"Great magazines if your on a budget cut and want fast realistic magazine clips instead of hi-caps.

- Holds 100 Rounds
- Cheap Price
- Box of 8!
- Feeds extremely well

- ABS plastic
- Crack easily