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G&P 130 rds Illuminated Tracer Magazine - for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG

13 Customer Reviews

by Michael L. on 07/26/2015
"The issue with the first few BB's not glowing is because they have left the magazine and are in the hopup. The magazine works as it is supposed to, cheaper than a silencer, keeps your gun light and short and is legal for use in midcap games. The only other option if you don't want to use a silencer is the Madbull hopup with tracer LED installed, but that drains your guns battery where this magazine has its own power source. If your gun works well on G&P mags it should work well with these tracer mags.
by Josh H. on 03/04/2009
"Great Alternative to the tracer unit.

Pro (Compare to tracer unit)
Easier to carry.
Does not change the general look of your gun.
Save much more battery power.
You can switch between this mag and regular mag (I tag my tracer mag with colored electric tape or different color magpul)
Much cheaper.
You can still use your mock silencer.

Not as bright as the tracer unit
by Derek D. on 04/14/2009
"Nice mag and much more affordable than tracer system. Although it does not work correctly with my gun on single fire. The light did not turn on and flash the bb unless i was using full auto fire and the first 2 or 3 shorts were not illuminated. The upside is that the internal light is not visible at all from the outside and will not give your position away at night. must say it looks AMAZING firing a full stream of glowing bbs
by Oscar L. on 12/18/2008
"wrong... it does not flash when the bb leaves the mag. It contains 1or 2 LED's which are activated by an on-off switch. The LED's (when activated) then "charge" your glow in the dark tracer bbs.
by Mark D. on 11/28/2008
"How does this work? I think I'm interested. It looks cool and I like tracers.
by Cylix The C. on 08/15/2017
"Tried the magazine out, it works in theory but did not seem to charge my glow bbs when I needed it to. Not very reliable and did not make the bbs glow very bright at all. Better off spending your money and using a HUTU or tracer/mock silencer
by Nicholas Z. on 08/07/2016
"Would be nice to include instructions. Not that it is difficult to figure out, but there was a couple tiny things that got me a little frazzled before I figured it out.
by morgan v. on 08/06/2013
"Pros: It does not make a flash when bb's are exiting the barrel.
Cheaper than the other tracer counter parts.

Cons: Single shot does not work because you will have to at least fire 5 consecutive shots and constantly shoot one every second to keep them lit.
Only holds 130 rds minus the 5 rounds you shoot every time you want them to start glowing.
Probably have to carry a few mags with you plus speed loaders because you have to manually load them from the top.

Overall: This is still good for short or small games. The only thing I didn't like was that you have to shoot like 5 rounds and continuously to keep the bb's lit. And one more thing the red bb's aren't illuminated enough to work with this so don't try. I'll give it 3 stars because instead of getting 3 of these mags I can already get the silencer tracer unit and not have to worry about the 5 pre shot and changing mags. Get this if you are not going to play long games and or not planning to get a lot of these mags.
by Nicholas Z. on 12/04/2016
"Garbage. Does not light amy tracer bb's. The magazine feeds well.
by mark f. on 12/27/2014
"Very well made. I can't speak on the inability to illuminate. These wouldn't feed in any of my ICS guns. M4/ L85/ L86
by Uan R. on 06/07/2015
"It lights the bb. But barely. And by the time the bb goes off the barrel it out. the silencer works 10000 better.
by James B. on 09/09/2014
"I ordered two of these in August 2014. One came slightly damaged but I was able to fix the problem. Unfortunately, neither of them "lit up" the BB tracers!
I returned the original order and instead of the store credit I asked for, I was given two new magazines in exchange.
Guess what! Neither of these new magazines "lit up" the BB tracers either!
I bought brand new batteries for the initial magazines to make sure there was not a battery problem; no luck.
Great idea that just doesn't work.
Save your money and buy a fake silencer tracer unit that works instead of this junk!
by Chris B. on 12/04/2008
"It will flash a bright light as the bb leaves the magazine and charge your tracer round for you.