Reviews: Magpul PTS 75rd Mid-Cap E-Mag for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black (One)


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Model: PTS-EMAG-75x1

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by steven t. on 2013-01-18 23:15:01
"i had 10 of these 4 of them broke do to my stupidly i would recommend these to any 416 user because these feed the best in 416, fit the best in the 416 and finally look the best in the 416. one thing you must know if you over fill your mag you risk having a mag jam and breaking you mag

-feed great
-look awesome
-fits really well in vfc 416

by Noah B. on 2013-01-17 20:43:36
"Just received two of these magazines today, opened them up, filled them up with BBs, and they performed excellent in my KWA SR10. YES these do fit in KWA guns.


fit in KWA guns
cheap! best $9 ever spent
awesome external look
Doesn't really need a "break in" period, right out of the box performance


might be a tight fit for some magwells
by Donald H. on 2012-11-12 20:17:41
"These mags are very good. I got them because I wanted mags that worked in my AGM 614. It is a HK416 replica. That said, they did not quite lock in or drop free on their own. There was however no wobble. On the 416 the front of the magwel drops a bit lower.

To make them work perfectly you must shave a small amount off of the front of the mag where it steps out. Shave about 1mm off and it works perfectly!
by mike v. on 2012-10-29 21:36:06
"This mag is great i have 3 of them they preform excellently with my combat machine
-clean feeding
-strong feeding spring

this mag does need to be broken in and if you have a combat machine you might want to wrap electrical tape around the top half like 2 layers but other than that its a definet buy
by Josh K. on 2012-08-23 18:20:57
"These do fit in KWAs. The fit is tight but perfect.
I currently have 2, but planning on getting 8 more.

tested on a 2GX KWA M4A1
by Christian B. on 2012-07-29 05:47:51
"Magpul E-Mag
First off, this mag is amazing. I had been having trouble getting my P-mags to feed in my G&G, so i bought one of these to test it out... This mag fed flawlessly... then, after almost 2 years, i bought a Classic Army m15a4... i was having trouble feeding with all mags i had, except this one. It fits snugly and feeds flawlessly (this mag does not fit in a KWA, so KWA owners beware... just buy a p-mag) but i plan on buying 5 more before blind fury
magpul pts
heavy weight
feeds flawlessly
fits snugly
looks and feels amazing
VERY durable

Doesn't fit a KWA
doesn't come in a bulk box ;)

this mag is a must buy!!!
by Josh K. on 2012-07-24 14:19:42
• Very cool looking
• Feeds angelically
• Holds around 75 as advertised (I hate mags that say they hold 190 and only hold 120…
• Fairly Priced for mags,
• No BB rattle like hicaps (Very Tactical)
• Very sexy vest fillers
• Fits perfectly in KWAs, unlike the pmags.

• May not be compatible with some guns (Fits all my M4s anyways)
• Not as cool as the PMags, but that’s fine. They fit better in KWAs. Haha
• Price for some people. If you are on a tight budget, getting the MAG brand set of 10 might be cheaper at $6 a pop.

Overall I would recommend these 192385618902736509178235 times over. Get them if you want a more tactical look to your gun.
by Wendy G. on 2012-07-21 14:45:42
"I got five of these for my S-System and they work GREAT. They're very light which is nice because it doesn't way down the front of your vest or whatever it is you're carrying them in. The light weight is unrealistic however because it is made to look like there are real .223 rounds in the mag. A real loaded rifle mag would way a lot more than these do but that's not a concern for me. They feed nice and I highly recommend them for any M4 load-out.
by Sean R. on 2012-06-23 01:00:06
"I got four of these with my S&T Tar-21 yesterday, and they are awesome. I first tried the standard hi cap mag that came with my gun and it didn't fit at all. Then I took one of these mags and it slipped right in with no problem. Just a little wobble, but it's hardly noticeable. They feed every single BB except the last 2-3 or so, but I still haven't lubed anything. All in all, these are the coolest and best mags I ever bought and I kinda wish I had bought more because they are just so cool.

Do not try to use these with regular M4's!! There is a reason why Magpul made P-Mags and these E-Mags. The E-Mags are only for use with foreign-made weapons that use the M4 mag. Because of their design, these mags are specifically made for those guns, so don't get them for U.S. made weapons; They will not fit nor work in them at all. I know this because my best friend got a JG M4 and tried to use these and they didn't work.

But overall, these mags are a very good buy and I recommend them to everyone looking for cheap and reliable and durable magazines for their beloved weapons. 5 out of 5.
by Allen B. on 2012-03-20 14:32:29
"These work perfectly in my G&G Combat Machine! They look great and feed perfectly! Awesome mags for the price! I plan on getting many more! NOTE: WILL NOT WORK IN ECHO 1 M4S!!! i tried them in my TROY MRF-C, they do not lock into the mag well nor feed at all!
by Quen L. on 2012-03-11 09:57:29
"I agree with michael r. these don't work with the G&G 416s, but they do work with the non-blowback G&Gs as well as most other guns that take m4/m16 type magazines. They feed great after lubing them and are well worth the $9
by michael r. on 2012-02-25 05:56:25
"I got these mags yestertday. The feel and appearance is amazing for the price, but it feals cheap when compared to a real pmag. It says that they are suppose to work with g&g and 416 models. I own a g&g 416 and the mags dont lock into the mag well or feed at all. This is the reason for the low rating.

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