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G&P Evike High RPS 360rd Polymer HI-CAP Magazine for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black / Set of 5

9 Customer Reviews

by dylan a. on 10/06/2014
"for sure the best mags i have ever bought! they fit in my m4 very well and come out really well.
by Chandler B. on 07/10/2013
"these mags are some of the best ive had I had a g&p moe m4 and I upgraded the motor and battery until it was shooting about 24-27 BPS and these DID NOT JAM ONCE!!!
and plus they kind of look like pmags so they go great with a magpul loadout

by David H. on 06/14/2013
"These are so sweet. They are super light weight. The only thing that turned me off about them is that they will not work on the KWA. They work on ARES, JG, A&K, and G&G. My SR7 & SR10 magwell is too short for them. I can not get the magazine in.
by Zach L. on 06/08/2013
"I just got these and they work perfect, I have a g&g cm16 with the matrix qd gearbox.
by Weston K. on 05/23/2013
"These mags impressed me. Not only do they look good, they function perfectly. Almost like Pmags but way cheaper. The only quarrel I have with them is that they fit the magwell on my VFC 4CRS VERY tightly. I'm assuming as I wear on them, it will become easier.

Sweet Looking
No jams yet or misfeeds

Real Tight in magwell (could be a pro for some who hate wobble)

BUY THESE MAGS. I have no regrets
by Kevin H. on 05/02/2013
"Just received 5 of these. They would not fit in my metal KWA mag-well as they were too tight. They did fit in the KWA cqr though without any trouble. I tested one in my APS guardian M4 using an 11.1 lipo and the entire mag feed flawlessly. It took a while to wind it, but I was able to empty the mag with one winding - except for the 10 or so that always remain in a highcap. The only thing to worry about is a potentially tight magwell on a metal lower KWA.
by Ben A. on 04/02/2015
"These are great mags feed great and work great. The only downside is they didnt fit in my gun which may be my fault. Besides that i was able to file them down and its good now. Great Mags
by Richard H. on 11/10/2014
"I recently purchased these mags for use in my G&G TR4-18, didn't think twice; great reviews, they look awesome, fit into the mag well beautifully, until mid combat I pop one in and fire nothing but blanks. I can get a few shots off consistently but it seems more often than not the magazine will not feed properly. This was consistent in all 5. They worked perfectly in my buddy's VFC M4, however, so that's good.. for him. I was pretty disappointed and will be sticking to the G&G mags for my G&G!
by Jordan B. on 06/16/2015
"I was looking forward to using these with my gun but when using them, they had issues feeding and provided more problems than good. They would either not feed fast enough or over fed so that my gun would jam. It probably doesn't help that my gun has a fast ROF. These were a complete waste of money and time.

lightweight construction

don't feed well with high ROF guns
cause jams
feeding problems

Mid-caps are better.