Reviews: A&K 360rd Polymer Hi-Cap Magazine for M4 M16 Masada ACR TAR21 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Tan

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Model: MAG-M4P360-T
Location: D9-107 WO3-09

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by Michael R. on 2014-06-03 15:39:19
"i bought four of these as an alternative to magpul hi-caps. ALL of the mags did not fit my Dboys m4sd but did work with everything else i tried it on, even a dboys pdw, which dosent make much sense. i guess thats what i get for trying to cut corners.
by Michael N. on 2014-05-29 03:20:04
"This mag seemed good. Looks nice. The top of the mag and the feeding lip is all clear plastic. You can see the bb's through the bullet window. Unfortunately, the mag doesnt work in most of my AR's. Only fed in Dboys SCAR L.

Looks Good

Fits King Arms, DOES NOT FEED (M4)
by Joseph L. on 2014-03-08 15:06:28
"This is a great cheap Magpul clone mag that was discontinued for realsteel use. This mag is the cheapest HI cap youcan get thats close to a P-Mag in black or tan.

Fits all my Ar's
polymer tan/black construction
Cheapest hi cap
Clone to a Magpul Pmag
Has two little plastic windows on either side so you can see how much ammo you have left
Came with a key to wind the mag faster

My friend and I both got some, his was a lemon, couldn't fit into magwell.
The allon screw that holds the mag in place is loose at first.
And the little plate that held the screw in either came broken or it broke when I dropped it.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)