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Elite Force 140rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Dark Earth / Set of 10

11 Customer Reviews

by Morgan M. on 07/03/2016
"phenomenal product I love them I've had mine for 5 years now and I have never had any problem ever. I've used these mags in both AEG and HPA guns they feed perfectly in both applications.

Only con I have for these is they do come from the factory with glue on the spring guid cover that you have to melt with a hair dry before you can access the spring to be cleaned.
by Aaron M. on 04/20/2015
"I've owned these mags going on 3 years. They've been through the toughest milsims. They've been dropped, thrown across the room, slid across floors, stepped on, rained on, and spit on. I've only lost 1 since then and these have to be the manliest mags ever. They work in so many brands I can just give a spare to a buddy knowing they will work. I can shoot 25rps and they still feed as flawlessly as they did right out of the box. Change the name. It's Elite Man mags now... - BigRed
by Gus H. on 09/19/2014
"First off, Yes out of the box they have feeding issues, but that is because they are bone dry with no lubrication (maybe for storage). I had issues with them not feeding the first time I played with them, but this is what you need to do. It only needs to be done ONCE after I did that these things work amazingly well for the past 6+ months.

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray a bit of spray silicone into the feed hole
Load the rest
Spray a bit more.
To work it in, eject the bbs into the speed loader, and reload until satisfied.

They fit and feed faster than any other magazine I had after that. And for this price, modifying the mag to fit things like the PDR or other guns is easy and stress free, just a little bit of patience with a file or a knife. It is definitely one of the best mags for its money.

Light weight
Durable for plastic
easy to modify
140 rounds of flawless fast firing
Cheap enough that it is no big loss if one goes missing
Have gone up to 35rps without missing a beat

Not heavy for those who like that
needs to be lubricated for first use
If you don't mind the weight and you do the lubrication prep NO CONS.
by Sam G. on 01/16/2014
"Absolutely cannot recommend these enough. Lightweight, very durable, and feed flawlessly in a 22 rps gun. 5/5
by Mason L. on 11/15/2013
"I have the black version of these magazines but three in my group run these tan magazines. We all agree they look pretty fake, with the tan being much lighter in color than any of their gear. Even the black ones, for that matter, are obviously plastic, yet still quite handsome looking. The plastic Elite Force uses for these mags is very sturdy.

These mags feed flawlessly, are built solidly, and fit well in our VFC guns. The slight wobble in the mag-well is nothing to write home about and you'll have to work to break one of these. Very solid.

I did receive a lemon in my shipment, so just one of the ten magazines doesn't retain the BBs I put into it; A defect in the little tab that holds them in. Still, 9 perfectly good mags and an easy fix on the one. Still the best deal on quality M4 mags.
by Vincent S. on 06/04/2013
"These magazines are really great. Once you break them in, they feed really well, and they should work in most M4/M16 type AEGs. When I use them in my gun, they fit in smoothly and there is no wobble that I can detect whatsoever.

The magazines are made of a semi-glossy plastic, but the material feels and is very sturdy, so there are no worries about the magazines breaking any time soon; it also makes them lighter than full-metal versions, which is a bonus because it means I can carry more of them without getting weighed down too much.

Just remember to buy a speedloader along with these; I forgot to do that when I ordered them, though luckily I still had a spare one lying around. I'd recommend the one offered by here, since it's cheap and works for most magazines.
by Lampson N. on 04/08/2013
"Compare to the look, the tan color magazine of this brand looks really cheap and fake. But the plastic feels like durable. The same feeling you have when holding a Magpul PTS emag. My elite force mag feeds bbs smoothly with no jamming so far. highly recommend for budget players over any other chinese mag such as MAG or MATRIX
by Braum R. on 12/01/2016
"The clips are ok they have small feeding problems for me and only 8/10 work good the other 2 don't feed right sometimes getting jammed with 2 bbs side by side don't ask me how but they are good all in all I would buy again since they are cheap and 8/10 worked great
by David A. on 03/29/2014
"Ive had these mags for a couple of months now, and i think i can say these mags work Okay. These mags work great for the first few weeks i had them. They fed great and were durable. After those few weeks they started to go down hill. They started to feed improperly and jam. When I tried to unscrew the bottom to clean the mags out, the plastic broke. So after this happening i recommend people to go out and look for a different mag that will be good in the long run.

-First few weeks works great
-Fit nice a snug in the mag well

-After a while
-Doesn't feed correctly
-Weak plastic on bottom of mag (screw)
by zackary l. on 10/08/2016
"I got 10 mag and 10 don't work.
by cole p. on 03/16/2014
"Not impressed at all... i bought the set of 10 and only 3 work but those still have problems!
Slide into mag well perfectly
they can take a hit

bullets get stuck in mag (havvend to 4 of them)
Mags dont feed
***DO NOT USE IN DUSTY ENVIROMENT*** No matter how well you maintain them they will always fail
Every single ne of my mags broke and i take very good care of my mags. I wouldnt reccomend these to anybody... horrible mags.