Reviews: A&K 70rd Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 M16 ACR SCAR Masada Series Airsoft AEG - Black


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Model: MAG-BL007-BK

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by Rozwel E. on 2015-09-03 17:27:39
"People might bag on A&K, but these things are pretty damn good (if you fix 'em up a bit.) when i first bought these, they didnt feed in my gun (standard G&P M4) so i took a look at them and made a comparison to some other mags i had. turns out, the nub holding down the bbs was a little too large, so i filed it down a bit now it feeds bbs in pretty much any gun without a problem. theyre a little loose in the magwell, but its negligible. all that matters is that they feed. by the way, these things look awesome on SBRs. comes with ranger plates and dust covers.
by John K. on 2015-09-03 15:16:04
"So I bought one of these for my G&P M4 DMR as a 'test' to see if they actually worked. When I loaded it up I could hear the bb's rattling in the mag so I tapped the mag a little trying to get it to unjam but it still didn't fix the problem so I took some shots with it but it just dry fired. I took the mag out and bb's fell out so I reloaded it and it still didn't work. After trying that about 5 times I decided to put some silicone in it. The bb's still rattled around even after I reloaded it. After trying evrything else i took it apart and when I opened it up the spring was completely bent and messed up. I got so fed up with it that I ended up just gutting it, keeping the outer 'shell' and ranger plate and just threw the rest away. Definately not worth buying and definately not worth $12 freakin dollars.
by Lucas W. on 2015-08-13 14:27:37
"just got the mag in today and am satisfied 100% not much else to say, mag had a bit of wobble but that will all depend on the dimensions of your lower Receivers mag well,either way some electrical tape fixed that right up and I've had no problems with it yet. used it with a brand new fully charger tenergy 9.6 1600 MaH NiMH battery and the Lonex Aluminum One Piece Metal Hop-up unit and a Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Hop-up Bucking with fishbone spacer that I also got in the package in my G&G G4-A3 (M4 Platform) and it all worked together very smoothly, fired all 70 rounds on both single and full auto flawlessly.

fires flawlessly
comes with a ranger base plate
straight style mag perfect for a DMR look

was a bit shorter than I had expected,about 4.4 inch tall
I paid $13.50 which IMO is just a bit expensive for only 70 rounds then again it's made of good quality so maybe not a con
by Nicolai J. on 2015-05-29 14:37:49
"Since I was looking for a more DMR-ish look for my AEG, I figured I could pick up 2 of these mags and see how they preform. Man, what a great decision!

+VERY sturdy feel
+Seems rather heavy for a completely polymer mag.
+A removable spring stopper, allows main spring to be installed after re-closing the inner mag.
+Removable base plates, comes with Magpul like plate and standard flat plate.
+Nice cardboard box for each mag
+Comes with mag cover for top, prevents dirt/dust/debris from entering mag.
+Feeds reliably, in semi and full auto.
+BB channel is free of any imperfections, and appears shiny and smooth.

-One mag is just SLIGHTLY off, the flat plate doesn't lock into place. A bit of sanding should fix that quick.
-Minor plastic flashing from molding on the baseplates.

Without a doubt, I will be adding a few more of these to my next order from!
by Alexander F. on 2015-04-05 15:35:24
"Absolute Garbage!
I bought three of these. Loading with my Elite Force SL14 loader, I pushed one pump of BBs (~40 rounds) into one of the magazines. I immediately heard rattling. It was destroyed. I thought, "OK, sometimes these things happen in airsoft". So I tossed that one aside and grabbed another one. This one loaded fine the first time, but it didn't feed. When I went to release the rounds manually they just dribbled out.
Look, we all want badass Pmag looking mags, but these are terrible. Don't waste your money.
by Jonathan G. on 2015-01-15 23:57:41
"So I bought this for my DMR Build and so far are running fantastic!

- Lightweight Polymer Material
- Feed great
- Cheap ($13)

- They are a tight fit in some receivers, just needs a little breaking in.

Note: They only hold 70 rounds, so easy on the trigger. I find myself emptying the mag really quickly. ALSO Mine came with a ranger plate which is a plus cause I was going to buy one alongside. Overall I give this product a 5/5.
by Christopher W. on 2015-01-09 22:50:44
"So i got these short pmag alternatives since the dont make pts 70rounders anymore and i have to say im pleased with them... build quality is great only complaint would be the base plates have sharp edges(nothing a knife couldnt take care of in 5seconds). They feed great haven't put some lube in yet but i will. The polymer quality is just under that of a pmag short(just not as dense), no creaking what so ever. Im very pleased with the quality of these mags... they work great in my Magpul PDR-C i just bought which was my main concern, and fit all my other m4 mag'd airsoft guns.

Feel great
Fit perfect no wobble
Polymer is good enough for me
Feed great even without lube(always lube every magazine though)

Not a biggie because it can be remedied but the sharp edges of the base plates which is no big deal
by Timothy G. on 2013-06-01 09:17:30
"Didn't fit my G&P receiver very well, only slight modification (addition of JB Weld to eliminate wobble) to the receiver was needed to make these feed perfectly. They feed in my Ajaxcustoms/G&G perfectly as well as in my friend's King Arms. They also feed very well in my old Classic Army. I've owned a lot of kinds of mags in the last 12 years, and these are the best.
by Luke K. on 2012-04-30 15:07:14
"This Mag is great. Simple as that.

1)Looks great
2)Feeds like a dream
3) Comes with dust cover
4) Holds 70rd
5) Very tough and sturdy build
6) Fits in the gun nice with very little wobble (if any)

Bottom line, BUY IT! you will not be disappointed.
by Holden B. on 2011-06-14 12:00:18
"I just got this mag a few days ago and used it in my G&P M4. It was amazing, it never misfed any bbs. It also is very lightweight so you can carry multiple mags without any problems.

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