Reviews: Matrix 5000rd Super High Capacity Box Mag for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: BMAG-M45K-W

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by Josh F. on 2009-02-17 19:39:54
"this magazine is excellent. I have it on my jg s system. the mag place were you pop the mag in is big so ordinary mags wobble around. not this mag. I bought the auto wind of airslat and its 20 dolarrs more than the manual winder. I laugh when my friends tear the fingers aopart winding while i flip a switch. its heavy though when full. i keep it with.28 so its to heavy for comfort. i would recomend foregrip and bipod because the weight is a problem. if you get a lipo gearbox your shooting a saw pretty much for a fraction of the price. good product
by Steve A. on 2009-01-21 16:58:49
"I bought one of these and it is bad ass, 5000rd and not a bad price well worth the money
by Jacob V. on 2008-12-27 23:56:38
"Previous claims about this thing's size a bit... high-flung. A computer monitor? I feel sorry for you if yours has an 8-inch screen. It is fairly big, but it's also a box mag. They don't make them all that small, and bearing that in mind I think the A&K is actually a fine specimen as long as you're a right-handed shooter. It puts most of its mass directly beneath and to the right side, and maintains a surprisingly sleek profile, even if it hangs lower than many other models. That, and it has one of the highest capacities for an airsoft box mag you will ever find, if not THE highest. As for looking like a fool, that's a matter of opinion. If you think someone coming up a hill with this looks dumb, then his aim is crappy or you're the dumb one because you shouldn't be worried about how your opponent looks while he's shooting at you, especially if it doesn't appear he'll be stopping any time soon.

Now, 5000 BBs makes a hefty addition to any AEG. If your gun is decent, you're probably using .20g BBs. If we assume you're carrying that exact amount of ammo in the drum, that's an extra 2 pounds and some change. With .25s, 2 and 3/4 pounds. Doesn't sound like much, but as a concentrated weight hanging under a 6-12 pound weapon (leaving room for materials and accessories) it's more than noticeable.

If you're looking for a box mag, my guess is that you're a rifleman looking to go light-support without buying an M249 and still retaining the option of converting back, which is a fair motive. Or, you're too lazy to change magazines. I was a bit of both when I bought the A&K box, to be perfectly honest, though more of the former. Either way, this is a good product.

However, be careful if you decide to get the electric version. When I did, it quit feeding half way through the first day of playing. The feed spring just crapped out, as if it had been over-wound continuously the entire time, and of course it hadn't been.
by CJ E. on 2008-09-18 23:54:18
"Unless you're doing a squad automatic gunner loadout AND role, don't get this. You're gonna look like a damn fool running up the hill and firing with this thing attached to your gun...
by hendrix K. on 2008-07-24 04:34:54
"This magazine windes like a giant hi-cap. It is a bit easier to use than the electric version if you don't mind winding. Or else, get the electric one for $25 more. But, make sure it has fresh battery before your game if you decide to go with the electric one. Running out of battery in the middle of the game with no where to put this can be a bit of an issue.
by Connor H. on 2008-06-09 21:31:34
"this is an awesome mag

just being able to carry around 5000 rounds is cool ebough but being able to shoot it off is awesome. if uve got a lipoly battery in ur gun this is whatcha need cuz ull shoot off a 300 rnd high cap in a few seconds
by Andrew R. on 2008-05-28 23:04:42
"It is heavy once loaded with bbs, but what can i say its amazing. It works great and doesn't have any feeding problems. It can hold more then fifty bbs with a few winds of the mag. I got it free with my gun, but i would sugest getting the same thing by A&K but eletric.
by Matthew C. on 2008-05-14 18:49:19
"I was really excited about this box mag for my M4 airsoft. I was not let down, I mowed down most of my friends pretty quickly. The only bad thing is you still have to crank to load the BBS. the weight is bad at all if you use .2s.
by anakimm C. on 2008-05-14 15:50:54
"I bought this thinking it was going to own a lot of people on on the field... the only person that got own was me. Carrying this is a @@@@@, its weights a ton when full and added to your gun.
Worst thing is you still have to crank this like any other high-caps and this only holds about 50 shots per max crank so its not worth the effort.

IF you wanna get a drum mag get an auto feeding one.
add that 30$ and get the one that will really own others!
by Walter W. on 2008-05-13 01:24:49
"I like this magazine more than the C-mag shape M4 drum mag I have. The narrow shape won't result getting in the way like the C-mag by Classic Army. Wish it was full auto, but the price you can't beat it.
It will have rattling sound when you are running around with 5000 rounds in it, but thats given for all magazine that holds more than 200 rounds. To avoid rattling, use mid-cap or standard magazines.
by Nicholas M. on 2008-05-11 20:00:25
"Yeah, it rattles a lot and it needs to be wound a lot. weighs a lot and is cumbersome. pros: lots of ammo -no reloading -great for support gunners

cons: -BIG -HEAVY

-gets in the way
by Jarod K. on 2008-05-06 12:43:34
"its a good mag but for you new players out there that say " hey id like to be able to use 5000 rounds without relodeing" listen up this thing is about the size of a computer moniter and full could weigh as much as the rest of the gun

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