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PTS 120rd GMAG Mid-Cap for G36 Series Airsoft AEG (One)

4 Customer Reviews

by Katiria R. on 07/16/2014
"Please put these back in stock ASAP Please. these mags were sprinkled with pixie dust, because not only do they lock in place in my KWA G36C 2GX version (like plenty of other G36C AEG mags out there on the market that state that they "do fit" my manufactures specs but, don't click in place) they feed oh'so sweet. Every last BB fed till the mag is "dry".

thanks and hi from N.Y.
by Henry A. on 04/17/2012
"I just got this the other day. I LOVE my G36C and I really want some slimmer mags. These mags are around the same size as a standard M4/M16 mag - they lose the clips on G36 mags that make them awkward to fit into pouches. They feed great, no breaking in needed. Most midcap mags give a rough estimate on how much they hold. "120ish" "130ish" but I seriously counted this one up to 120. Loaded it up - and it fed all of them with no misfeeds! AWESOME!

I installed SRC's new XM8 style magazine release onto my G36 so I could do tactical reloads (reach for a mag with one hand, push a button to drop out the other and let it hit the ground). Unfortunately these don't have enough weight to drop out the mag well - they do release more than the ARES ones. These Magpul ones drop enough that you can use your fresh mag to tap the other one out and rack it in, similar to a tactical reload on an AK-47 rifle.

Either way, I hope these get released as a box set soon so I can save some cash and not spend 30 dollars a pop on them. :(
by Justin M. on 04/15/2012
"I got 2 of these from Evike. They really complete the look of the G36 and look way better than the clear or black plastic. Gives the G36 a very distinct and crisp look overall.

The fact that it carries twice as much ammo as a normal PMAG, makes this the superior choice to getting an M4 Magwell conversion to use PMAGs.

They may not clip together like other G36 Mags either, so it definately makes them good mostly for CQB.

Only 1 thing to note - when releasing the mag, you need to pull the mag foward, towards the front of the gun when ejecting it. It doesn't fall free like other G36 mags.

Overall though, absolutely worth the money
by Jacob L. on 05/04/2012
"I have an Ares G36CV. I love the gun. I bought some Kingarms mags which have their ups and downs. Mostly they stick.

I picked one of these up because everyone raves about the PMAG.

First of note. I have had no issue dropping this out of the magwell. Push the release with my forefinger/middle and out it drops into the dirt.

Second this is a very solid mag. I'm pretty sure it's made out of the same nylon reinforced plastic my gun is mad out of. At least the outershell.

I can't comment on the feeding as it seems the same coming from my kingarms mags. As in no feeding issues at all.

I noticed that the curviture of the mag is less than that of a normal G36 mag. Which leads me to belive that it will fit into a M4 pouch nicely. I can't confirm this because I don't have one but I'm pretty sure it will.

Now my reason for 4 stars.

This is an excellent product.

It functions well. It can use the ranger plates. It's thinner (which is a drawback in a way). It doesn't have the nubs.

But, when inserted into my magwell it wobbles. Where as the Kingarms mags don't. And in the end I can't see a reason to pay 3x the price for virtually no performace gain. With the King Arms I just shaved off about 1mm of plastic around each mag at the top and they drop out just the same as the GMAG. Since I don't shoot anything besides semi and almost always have 2 mags out of 5 left at the end of a game I can't see a need for 30 more rounds.

So while it is a well built product and it does look nice in the end it has left me wanting for the price.