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MAG 100 Round Mid-cap Magazine For AK Series Airsoft AEG (Color: Imitation Bakelite / Package of 5)

21 Customer Reviews

by Alan H. on 03/11/2017
"I bought five of these for my E&L AK74UN and it was a wild ride. During the first time using them. The springs ended up not feeding properly and being bent inside the magazines itself. I didn't want to RMA it since I felt like it was an easy fix. What I did instead, was that I grabbed an alan key and I wobbled the spring into place, which then fixed it for me. These magazines for the 74U were a bit wobbly, but if you can look past that, it's a really good buy. The metal plates on the bottom ended up separating, but at least I can john wick mag flip or speed load it without thinking that it will break anytime soon on me.

Won't break if you drop it

Only holds 100
Wobbly on some AKs
That whole spring issue.
by David W. on 12/16/2016
"Got a few of these for my CYMA AKS74u and they fit very snug. Way better than the stock high-cap mag that came with the gun. Zero wobble and good feeding. Plus it's a little shorter in length than the stock high-cap mag if you find yourself prone a lot.

The bottom plate cover slides off a little too easily, if not secured you will loose them. Nothing a little tape won't fix. Even if you do loose them, they are only cosmetic and your mag will function just the same.
by Tyler W. on 08/20/2016
"These mag brand magazines work how they should. I use a E&L Gen 2 base rifle and they fit okay. It'll wobble to sides a little bit but that's alright because every single bb will feed for me. Overall decent brand for the money.
by kyle W. on 03/30/2016
"This mag Is great it feeds well it fit perfectly

feeds well
fit nicely
nice griped

wish it was metal!

thank you evike for the great customer service when i had a quick question they replied fast and were helpful!

by Paul S. on 03/29/2016

dear Evike,

It's bakelite, not wood.




Okay this is a great magazine for the price. I run these in my E&L AK and they feed great. I used to have two of them but I traded em both off for the same magazine in the plum color.

Needless to say I like these magazines. They feed flawlessly and are great for scratching phrases into them (I've scratched bible verses in mine, such as 'There is no greater show of love then to lay down your life for your friends')
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"(NOTE: I put this same review on the single mag listing, too.) These mags are very well built and feel great in the hand. The base plate is very secure and has no wobble. They hold 100 rounds and load smoothly. They fit and feed perfectly in my E&L Ak-74u. They are a bargain for their reliability and sweet appearance.
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"These mags are very well built and feel great in the hand. The base plate is very secure and has no wobble. They hold 100 rounds and load smoothly. They fit and feed perfectly in my E&L Ak-74u. They are a bargain for their reliability and sweet appearance.
by Joseph R. on 05/16/2015
"Best magazine mid-cap so far!

does not make sounds like my king arms mid-caps do
fits my ECHO 1 RPK!

its plastic
by Michael C. on 02/22/2013
"Defiantly worth the money.
I have a CYMA CM031C AK-74 and I bought this as a backup mag shortly after I got the gun. Both have seen equal amounts of use and the hi cap broke and the midcap is still going strong. They are 'plum' because the color is kind of purple-ish, but it still looks cool. A lot of people are complaining about how they're a snug fit, but for me it's great because the magazine has zero rattle.

Snug fit(Can be a con)
Last a long time (a year and still going strong)

100 rounds(Can be a pro if you like Milsim feel and reloading, personally it's a pro.)
Purple-ish color(Not too big of a deal)

Overall, if you have an AK and are looking for a cheap midcap, this is defiantly a great choice. You will not be disappointed. Gonna buy some more now that my high cap broke!
by Brandon D. on 01/15/2013
"Definitely one of the best AK Mid-Cap Mags i have ever owned. i sue them all the time and have no feeding issues or issues with them in guns... They are just a little tight in ICS Galils... Overall... Best AK Mid-Cap Ever...
by Keegan P. on 06/07/2011
"These magazines are excellent overall. I bought two of these for my Dboys KLS Rk-02 AKS-74 and they fit PERFECTLY. Absoleutly no wobble anywhere and they fit in and lock with no forcing or pushing. The mags also come in the appropriate old school Soviet Plum color. You won't have to worry about winding these mags, or them making a racket whilst carrying them on the field.

In my opinion, these are a must have for AK-74 users looking for a reliable mag.
by Benjamin M. on 12/06/2008
"Bought a pack of these and one extra magazine about two weeks ago. They're mad of high quality plastic and feed very well in my CM031D. (Cyma AK series) The last few rounds don't feed, but that's because there is nothing to push them into the hopup, so this is normal. Some mags wouldn't fit unless I applied a little bit of force and a little bit of shaving, but when you get them in, they're rock solid. No wobbles whatsoever.

Great mags.
by Nicholas M. on 05/14/2008
"Awesome mag with great feeding and everythin. another great MAG product. I use this in this in my brothers gun all the time.
by James H. on 07/24/2017
"I picked these up and loaded them up right out of the box, never had any feeding issues, and they fit into my CYMA AK74 pretty well, just a little bit of wobble. Great mags, they haven't let me down yet.
by ZACH H. on 09/21/2013
"the fit was wicked loose (1/4" wobble in both directions when seated in the mag well), but with some thin plastic card, super glue, and a fine file, this mag fits even better than my gun's factory mag. I guess making it to fit more universally could create this issue in some models.