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Bizon PP-19 Airsoft AEG Magazine for S&T Echo1 Silverback Viktor Genesis (Type: 190 Round Mid-Cap)

6 Customer Reviews

by Jarek d. on 09/10/2015
"This Mag is great if you don't abuse it.
It can fit on the S&T PP-19 but you will need to sand down the catch lip on the mag quite a bit for it fit properly

I heard a lot of people say this mag breaks easily, but I believe it's because they are over loading, loading it wrong, and over winding the mag.

- Don't fill the mag up to the max, just fill it half way or less. It causes quite a bit of stress on the mag body and the feeding mech. (Yes, we all want to fill it to the 1000 round cap, but do you honestly need that much?) And it's a spring loaded plunger type like the p90, it's not meant for that kind of stress.

- Don't load the bbs from the tap door. Just twist off the end cap and pour the bbs in. It's so much easier on both you and the mag.

- some people want to wind this thing up till they hear click like the P90 hi caps so it can feed the entire mag. This mag was not meant for that.

If you just treat it properly it will work and quietly feed your PP-19 500 rounds without a problem.
by Jeffery M. on 01/30/2015
"I purchased two of these one has broke after a few thousand rounds, the other has been going strong for quite some time. The magazines are very quiet with there plunger system and they are super easy to wind. I am hoping that I just received one dud and this magazine will last for a long time. What's not to love a super quiet 1000 round magazine on an lightweight SMG!
by sam r. on 09/21/2014
"These are great! The tab locks the plunger back so you can reload easily. The plunger makes it so there is not rattling BB's. You can flip it over and look on the bottom while it is in the gun and see who many rounds you have left. It's EXTREMELY easy to wind while firing. Well made and a steal at ~$18.

Only downside is that sometime you need to stick something in the plunger to get it so you can pull it back. If you keep some BB's in it before you reload it is way easier to do.
by pc b. on 12/09/2016
"I don't know if its the mag or the gun, but when i have the magazine put in correctly, it falls out just bu being lightly bumbled, anyone else have this problem
by Chris R. on 09/01/2015
"This review isn't to harp on the product. I'm not a huge fan of high caps but this is one of the best I've used. The problem is that the website is a little misleading on this mags compatibility with the CYMA full metal pp19.

Evike lists this mag as an accessory for the cyma, and I've seen some reviews saying this mag is compatible. The short answer is it is, the long answer is it isn't.

This mag does fit the cyma, and feeds rather well. The problem is the mag does not lock properly. Comparing the mid and high cap shows the high caps's catch to be much larger than the mid cap's. A little sanding and filing gets the catch into a compatible shape, but the hollow plastic construction means less structural integrity and a good possibility for failure down the line.

TL;DR : Great high cap mag, but don't buy for the full metal cyma pp19 unless you are ready to do some modifications.
by Matthew H. on 01/31/2015
"i may have gotten a lemon but when i used this for the second time if broke just after two time not even 100 round through it not vary happy because i then had only a 1911 to use during that game.