Reviews: Magazine for Tokyo Marui JG WELL Scorpion VZ-61 UZI Airsoft AEG Rifle (80 rounds )

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Model: MAG-VZ61-80
Location: D11-326 Y1-M07

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by Jacob W. on 2015-01-15 14:51:02
"these are great little magazines to have as a spare for the scorpion. they really only hold like 50 rounds not 80 but they aren't that expensive, so just stock up. ive never had a problem with them (i own 3) and they are very durable.
by spencer h. on 2015-01-04 10:07:15
"First, know that this is a hi cap not a mid cap like the comments say. On to the review,

These magazines are awful, they are decent quality, but constantly unwind themselves and don't ever feed the last 15 rounds no matter what. Plus the winding wheel seems like its backwards which makes it harder and more akward to wind.
by MATTHEW P. on 2009-03-01 17:51:34
"These mags are great for the Well Scorpion. They fit perfectly, and double as a foregrip. Ive had no feeding issues. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone looking for extra mags.
by Paula B. on 2009-02-25 12:37:30
"good mags, i'll definatly be stocking up...but they only hold 35 rounds not 58
by MATTHEW P. on 2009-02-13 13:38:44
"These magazines fit the Well R2 Scorpion perfectly. Even though the package comes with a drum mag as well as a standard mag, I purchased 2 of these to have spares. Snug fit, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone purchasing the Well R2 Scorpion who is looking for extra magazines.
by Paula B. on 2009-02-13 08:21:47
"Ill definatly be buying one of these, the skorpion is awesome and the more mags the better. although im pretty sure they only hold about 40 not 50...

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)