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Matrix JG Echo1 260 rds Hicap Full Metal Magazine for MP5 / MOD5 Series Airsoft AEG (one)

11 Customer Reviews

by Jeffrey C. on 12/17/2016
"this works great. does what any other high cap does
by Brandon S. on 10/19/2012
"This mag works great with my Echo1. Fits just fine and feeds great. The winding wheel is nice and smooth. Definitely a good replacement or addition to any MP5 users mag collection. This thing is full metal and hefty.
by Seth W. on 05/15/2012
"I got the mags for my Echo1 Mp5 with the Holy Cow! deal. They came in JG packaging. Unfortunatly they ARE NOT compatible with my gun. They feed just fine. The problem is getting them to lock into the mag well. If you look at one of these mags and compare it to a stock Echo1 mag they are slightly different.

Large wheel is easy to wind
Feeds fine

Doesn't work well with my Mp5
No quick wind (not really a con, more of an annoyance)

If you have a JG Mp5 they might work but they DON'T WORK in an Echo1 Mp5.
by Clark M. on 06/28/2011
"Great Mags.
I got 2 the other day and they are great. They can wind alot of BBs at one time which is great although my Lipo Battery can dump half the clip in 2 seconds.
Winds alot of rounds
Metal feels heavy
Decent Markings
Winding mechanism is harder than my other 2 mags
In conclusion,
Great Mags for MP5
by Jason W. on 04/28/2011
"Great magazine. I own about 20 of these myself and my team all together own about 50.

It is the same mag that you find on your Echo1, CYMA full metal MP5, JG with no differences.
Lets break down the review ---

Price: can't beat it. I had a $40 Tokyo Marui Mp5 hicap and it broke on me, these feeds just as good. Don't let anyone convince you to buy a Marui MP5 hicap

Performance: pretty well built and does the job. Took a lot of beating and still works fine after years. I lubricate them once every few months.

Compatibility: I haven't found a Mp5 brand that this mag won't fit it.
by cameron k. on 09/24/2010
"tthe best thing about these and other smg mags are that one mag holder can hold like 2 or 3!!!
by Christian B. on 09/19/2010
"I really enjoed this feature on my mp5 PDW Galaxy. My friend has the Echo 1 mp5 and it also works. Its very high quality. The only downside would be the fact after quite a while of use the paint scatches. But if kept in good care this will last you a long time and give you the High-Cap advantage!
by clay s. on 02/03/2009
"will this fit in my jg mp5 a4.also do you have to wind this mag.

WEbmasteR: Yes & Yes.
by Matt J. on 12/12/2008
"Came with my JG MP5K PDW, and another I bought because I'm trigger-happy, have fired great. Though my friend who bought the gun from me could not get them to fire right, but when I used the gun they worked fine. Perhaps a quick shot of silicone into the gear system and then down the feeding tube was why mine haven't broken yet. All I know is for $15 these are great and I would get more but soon I won't have any MP5 weaponry, so I won't need it, but for those who have MP5's and want hi-caps, these are definitely worth buying with your gun to field.
by jack C. on 02/15/2009
"this came with my MP5 A4 R.I.S its really good, however my gun has 900 rounds per min.
So the mag ran out really fast! i had to order 5 extra so i could dominate on the battle field!

Awwwwwwwwww yeahhhh!
by john s. on 04/01/2016
"This is a CYMA manufactured magazine. It does not fit well in the Umarex/VFC mp5a5. It is too big/ wide for the mag well. I only got mine to fit with a lot of filing and sanding. Luckily the mag is it metal and tolerates this well. The original mags made by JG fit well.