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King Arms 110 rd Mid-Cap magazines for Thompson Series Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG (Package: Box set of 5)

13 Customer Reviews

by John H. on 04/10/2018
"These mags feed extremely well. I have yet to have a situation where I do not use every single bb in the mag (that is if I don't reload before I run completely dry.) My Thompson has been upgraded to shoot 35 rps, and I say that to assure anybody looking to do a high rps build on their Thompsons. The mags could probably feed faster than mine do too. Some people don't like the plastic feel, but it is a pretty durable polymer and it's lightweight. Mine also make a satisfying "click" noise when the mag is inserted into the gun.

Feed great

I honestly can't think of any cons.
by Russell R. on 01/15/2018
"Fantastic for the Thompson.
Very great feeding into the gun without any of the bbs stopping like you would a hi cap.
decent amount of ammo in each mag 110rds

I have ordered the 5 pack and it was worth it, I need to get some more.

Great Feeding with no issues, no winding
No BBs shaking which allows you to move more silently
Easy to slide in gun and take out of magazine area of gun
Lightweight to carry
Holds 110 Rds per Mag.

Your Opinion: Pro/Con
Great Durable Plastic

Over Feeding breaks mid caps, but that is inherit for mid caps to not be over fed with bbs.
Not as durable as metal mags, but dont have to wind them either.

Potential Con:
Doesnt hold as much ammo as a high cap straight or drum mag, which means you have to reload more often. ( However that isnt really a con just convince ) Either be good at shooting or buy more.

Overall these are fantastic, reliable, realistic, and smooth feeding magazines. They are great for your Thompson load out and they have never disappointing.
by Chris A. on 11/21/2017
"These are great magazines.
Don't jam at all
they looks great
Feel a bit too plastic-y(they're sturdy though)
by John C. on 08/03/2017
"Great mags, have used them a lot and you can fit around 150 bbs in them
by Adam F. on 06/05/2017
"Awesome!!! no more winding lol better than my high cap mag lighter than I'd like and made of plastic but I already knew that feeds perfectly and for $9 bucks can't beat it I plan on ordering more
by Cole C. on 04/17/2017
"I used my Thompson as my first gun and wanted some mags so I bought these. After a year and a half they are amazing and never have jammed. Highly recommended to Thompson users.
by James D. on 10/01/2013
"Great magazine, I have the m1a1. No problems at all.
by Sam H. on 06/13/2012
"This is a great magazine! I own two and I'm glad I do because if you use full-auto a lot, you are going to need a couple of these unless you have a high-cap. They may seem like cheap plastic at first, but give it a battle or two and you won't regret your buy! I HIGHLY recommend buying one. Better yet, get two. No, get four!!!

-VERY durable plastic
-Feeds GREAT
-Works great
-Good mag capacity

-Plastic (It's a good plastic, but I love full metal)
by Ben L. on 06/04/2011
"I've had these for over a year now. They have never let me down. I have never had any loading or misfeeding problems with them I have dropped these things on concrete,gravel and in mud and they still came out working.
by Robert S. on 04/21/2010
"Just got a couple of these in today. Note that they will be very stiff in the gun and hard to take out without wiggling it at first but they'll loosen up after a few swaps. But overall great high mid caps; 110 rounds!
by Drake S. on 09/24/2009
"Very nice mid cap, works flawlessly in my Cybergun/CYMA thompson. Feels a little cheaply made at first, but it's not. Decently priced.
by David S. on 03/18/2016
"pretty good, realistic but its really hard to get bbs out when i dont use them maybe i just need to use them more.
by Andrew C. on 06/13/2010
"these mags are great. I bought these for my softair Thompson. The reason I gave them a 4 star is because the mags go into the gun fine, but when I tried to pull them out, the mag got caught on something and so I had to yank it out. After doing this a couple of times with the mags they just started to become less resistant although I still have to yank a bit. So far I have not had any feeding problems. They are all plastic which made me a little sad but they still do the job. The plastic is very sturdy and they will fit snugly into the gun.