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King Arms M14 110rd Mag for M14 series Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Single Magazine)

10 Customer Reviews

by Garrett V. on 10/25/2008
"There good mags... but be carefull not to turn the little screw thing on the bottom or else the spring comes out and you cant fix the mag... if you have the m14 by Jing jong or AGM you have to cut tip of the mag to fit it in.
by Johnny L. on 10/22/2008
"This is a mid-cap magazine. All no winding mid-cap magazine need to be broken in out of the box. Spray some silicon oil in it and load/unload the bb 100 times to get it working smoothly. This applies to all MAG / King Arms / G&P / Classic Army Mid-cap magazines.

Hope this info helps.
by Nicolas B. on 05/12/2017
"Pros: Decent build quality

Cons: Not a universal fit. The feed mechanism is slightly different from the HIghcap magazine that shipped with my CYMA Socom-16 M14. They don't feed reliably, though I've had success by short loading them to 70 rounds or less, or by shortening the BB cutoff latch.
by Alaric H. on 09/17/2013
"Unlike others, this mag. fit in my M14 (Echo1) It did however take some force, but it got worn in fast _it's plastic. Out of the box it fired every bb and continued to do so. Maybe I was lucky?
It's a good mag. and works fine. Plastic is both senses
by Mitch H. on 06/21/2012
"I just recieved this today in the mail. Fits into my CYMA M14, sort of tight, but not too tight. Anyways I broke it in, and tried to fire. Nothing. Apparently the physical bb stopper in the mag is too long and prevents the bb's from feeding into the gun, so you need to shave it down about 1-2 millimeters. Not too much or else the bb's won't even stay in the gun. So after that, it fed just fine and keeps up with my 9.6 2000 nunchuck. It will skip about 5-10 rounds every couple bursts. Other than that, it works and looks great in my gun.
by james l. on 12/13/2011
"After several months of using these magazines at weekend battle skirmishes, the only flaw is that one out of the 10 magazines will not load into my m14. No matter what I do, it will not load. So, I craked it open, gutted the interior and now use it as a spare rounds magazine. The other 9 work fine still.
by Matthew W. on 05/15/2008
"I've heard rumors of King Arms magazines having bad feeding issues, but after a couple hundred rounds through each magazine, I've yet to find a problem. They're light and plasticy, but if that doesn't bug you, I recommend these to any Marui/Clone user.

Note* There are NOT compatible with CA and G&G M14s.
by Jerry P. on 03/18/2016
"Works fine if you sand down the feeding lip or bb stopper, which is a hassle, especially if you bought multiple.
by James C. on 02/20/2014
"I got this for my brother's Matrix M14 and it does not feed at all; judging from the other reviews, I have to mod the stopper because it's too big. I'm pretty disappointed considering that it's advertised to work with Matrix m14's.
by John N. on 10/21/2008
"Fits into the Echo1 M14 EBR but cannot feed the bb's properly into the gun and thus the bb's cannot be fired. Upon placing the mag intot he gun 1 or two bb's will end up up in the hop-up area but cannot reach the top for some reason. this may be due to the button that the gun pushes to release the bb stop on the mag is a bit too small (in comparison tot he hi-cap it came with.) Other then that the mags are plastic but feel someone sturdy. Very light. if someone has a way to remedy my problem i'll be able to do a better review.