Reviews: King Arms AK 110 rounds Polish Type No Winding Mid-Cap Magazines (Box of 5). Dark Earth


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Model: MAG-KA-MAG-28-DEx5
Location: D7-136*

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by Matt K. on 2013-05-31 18:29:08
"Received these awhile back to use with my G&P Contractor AK-47. What I can say about these is that I have yet to find a problem with them. After initially lubing them up and running some BB's through before a local Op, these performed flawlessly all day, taking abuse, getting dirty, reloaded several times, etc. As with almost all mid-caps they don't feed the last 2-3 BB's. In the end, they've performed MUCH better than the G&P mid-cap magazines I originally got to go with my gun, go figure lol. Just remember to lube them when you first get them and run some BB's through them!

No mis-feeding
Solid built, can take abuse
Definitely hold 110 BBs

Can be a tight fit in some magazine pouches due to the wider plastic waffle pattern
Don't hold more BB's?
by Richard S. on 2012-02-03 10:10:22
"Bought to use in an ICS IC-32 AK. Like a few other brands Ive bought for my ICS AK, the rear tab is too thick for the ICS latch. Thinned out the rear tab (thickness, not width) and backplate with a medium/fine flat file and work great now. Positive magazine lock, and have not had any feed problems yet after 8-9 uses. Rated 4/5 because of the hand finishing, but otherwise has been an excellent magazine.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)