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Matrix "Short Type" Full Metal 280rd Hi-Cap Magazine for AK series Airsoft AEG (Package: 3 Magazines)

12 Customer Reviews

by Ryan A. on 12/23/2016
"Lightweight stamped steel. Slightly magnetic so it's definitely not aluminum. Bottom winds from front to back (start at barrel end, wind towards stock) and this is because there is a hex key slot with included butterfly winding key that turns clockwise (key slot is on the right side of the gun/mag). You can glue your butterfly key in for instant high speed winding. Nearly as fast as a flash mag.
by Markus G. on 07/24/2016
"Fantastic mag for many reasons. I'm reviewing my latest wave of purchases, and this one's on that list.

I don't have any actual cons, so I'll just list features:
-Metal construction, so it's moderately durable.
-Capacity of about 260-280 rounds, which is small for a high cap but good for its size and weight.
-Comes with a winding key, which increases both ease of use and efficiency of winding.
-Compact, making it easier to store and maneuver with, thus negating most size/shape problems associated with AK banana mags.
-Good price range. If singles are on sale, don't buy bulk 3 pack, as you might lose a couple bucks.
by Mikhail K. on 12/26/2008
"Thank you Gregg, but I want to buy this without making my AKS-74U look retarded. So please help me. xD

Webmaster: Generally, this magazine looks good on AK SVD (Very long sniper type AK) or very very compact AK for the ultimate compact look. Otherwise, for standard size AK, use the long mag for the authentic look.
by Mikhail K. on 12/04/2008
"For the real steel, is this magazine 5.45 or 7.62?
by shawn w. on 11/27/2008
"will this work with my cyma ak74 please answer i really need to know so i dont use all my bbs with the 600 round mag
by Joey p. on 10/22/2008
"yes this will fit in about 89% of all ak type guns soooo it will fit in your echo 1 nicely....... echo 1 is remakes of jg and jg are remakes of tokyo marui soooo echo 1 its compatable with all jg magazines along ith tokyo marui stuff
by dane k. on 09/28/2008
"i have the one that came with my jg dragunov and it works awsome it never misfeeds or jams
by Daniel K. on 08/18/2008
"This magazine is great! A must have for any AK!

This and the other TM replica on this page work very well. I haven't had a jam yet, with about 3000 rds.

The size of this one is great for laying prone or using a shooting table. Regular mags make it harder to rest the foregrip on anything. And 250 rds is still more than mags in other aegs!
by Gregg W. on 03/08/2009
"Well if your going to buy a magazine for an AKS-74U and are trying to not make it look retarded. Buy a plum style magazine. Thats the design the use on the real steels. Airsoft is very different the real steel in that AKS-74U(5.45) use differnt sized ammuntion then AK-47(7.62) styled weapons. So there magazines are not cross compatible. But in airsoft they are.
by Gregg W. on 12/06/2008
"In real life it looks like it go with a Dragunov. So i would say a 7.62. But i could be wrong. Not that ive ever heard of a 5.56 Dragunov.

Webmaster: It will work for all CYMA AK series (with metal gearbox) and pretty much all Marui compatible AK. (Echo1, JG, Classic Army, G&G, SRC, Marui, ICS, Matrix....) 7.62 will be the real steel counter (this magazine is modeled after the real AK mag.) but of course, it holds 6mm bb only.
by barry s. on 10/14/2008
"will this fit and echo 1 full metal ris ak. if someone could get back thatd be great
by Matt S. on 04/19/2014
"These magazines do not fit well into the Echo 1 AK and Cyma AK. We ran it through its passes playing all day. The mags do not not catch well on the front lip inside the AK mag well. The mags fed well and did allow to get real close to ground. Recommendation is don't buy unless you need something that lets you get real close to the ground.