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G&P 150rd High Precision Metal Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: One Magazine)

17 Customer Reviews

by John B. on 06/16/2017
"Good quality G&P product as always, accurate replica of real steel, but more of a matte black as opposed to blued metal. Feeds decently when loaded with a standard small sized BB loader (about 110 rounds), leaving a few BBs at the top of the mag, which is normal. Fits and feeds fine in my E&L Gen 2, no wobble. Actually easier to insert than my stock E&L mag.
by Riley B. on 05/14/2017
"Been running one of these with my E&L Gen1 for a year or so, so it's time to review.

-Looks great
-Has a genuine-looking Izhmash side stamp
-Can take approx. 250 lbs of gun and gear and me eating it on the field without a scratch (as much a testament to the E&L gun as the mag, but impressive regardless)
-Context: I naively bought some .25 Matrix bios from here and leaded them into my three E&L magazines, this mag, and a few M4 mags, two of which were G&P. Once loaded, the rounds deformed, pushing into spaces along the side of the BB channel and rendering only my G&P mags useable. I had to completely disassemble and clear the other mags, but the G&P's kept feeding the crappy rounds with no problem.

A bit pricey, but worth it

TL;DR: Excellent mags, and extremely hard to break
by Louis A. on 09/27/2015
"I have tried 4 or 5 different mid-caps, but this one is in every way superior. Feeds very well; it's the mag I grab when I have to have top reliability. I'm totes going to buy more.
by Holden M. on 05/10/2015
"great magazines! I have them for my real wood and full metal AK47 and they definitely complete the realistic look. Feeds 99% of the bbs and these don't jam.
by Adrien M. on 03/26/2015
"I bought this magazine to replace the bad plastic magazine that came with my cyma ak74. It's all metal, nice realistic heavy feeling, feeds well, 145 bbs out 150 every time. A little wobble on my ak74 but it works.
by Daniel K. on 07/02/2014
"They feed like a beast! nothing left behind!
by Bradley B. on 06/06/2014
"I use these mags on my Cyma AK and I have no issues what so ever. They're great mags and I would buy them again and again!
by tristan p. on 02/05/2012
"This truly is the BEST AK47/AKM magazine you can buy. Now you may be hazy at first but believe me, they are well worth the price.

I Bought two of these magazines almost two years ago and they STILL work in almost perfect condition. the only problems i've had is obviously the spring inside of the magazine getting weak after massive amounts of use, and they do not fit AK-74 series guns very well. The best thing about these mags is the build of them, they are ENTIRELY STEEL. NO PLASTIC. The lip is also steel which is what makes it so durable because that is usually the first part that breaks on all AK type magazines. Now being full steel they will be a little heavy but it just adds to the realism and honestly, ill take weight over the mag being garbage any day!

All in all 5/5 Stars, a VERY good product that will last you Years even if treated horribly! Kalashnikov would be proud of this products reliability!
by Gregg W. on 01/21/2009
"Feeds flawlessly. Full metal and very durable. Use 145 rounds out of 150. Wotht the money a great buy.
by Gregg W. on 12/27/2008
"Awsome. Just Awsome. Its full metal every part of it that I can feel or see. Feeds great but for it to work properly load tand unload it 4 times and then your ready to go.
by Conor D. on 03/27/2018
"These will work in E&L and LCT AKs. I've got quite a few of these and they haven't failed me as far as feeding goes, high quality metal exterior construction for sure.

Some of the mags I have wouldn't fit (either quality control or just the cold warping the metal over time that I've had them), the sides were poking out a little bit and wouldn't fit into the well. EASY POLISH SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM: A few careful smacks with a ballpeen hammer in the right spots will put those stubborn lips in their place without destroying the magazine.

If you have an E&L or LCT, these are a good bet, and a decent package deal. I would, and probably will purchase more of these down the line to fill up a Russian SMERSH harness rig.
by Jeanne M. on 04/03/2015
"Meh. is all I can say about these mags.

-Good feeding
-Fits in mag well

-2 of the mags had pins slightly out to the side that wouldn't allow it to fit in the mag well. fixed with a file
-Mag fit is very very very tight in my gun.
-Lip on one mag is slightly lose and allows mis feeding.
Overall good mag, bad price for the quality control on my mags. Good thing I got them for free!!
by Eli Y. on 06/06/2014
"Great mags, look really nice and feed well.
by Ian M. on 01/30/2013
"It is a little bit shiny compared to my Cyma AK and is relatively wobbly, but it was nothing a little electrical tape on the top couldn't fix.
But that's just me being nitpick, it feeds perfect, never rattles, and is full metal.
Great magazine! It is definitely a more than smart upgrade!
by Ian S. on 09/01/2016
"well, I recently bought these for my LCT ak.. The metal housing is made of pretty cheap metal, just checking fit the toe of the top of the magazine got pretty chewed up (LCT ak body is made of quality steel, quality steel _ cheap steel)

I bought a total of 5, 3 fit, 2 dont, why inconsistent magazines? Even the color varies between each. Some are gun metal grey, others H&K black. Its odd.

No idea, can't use them, doesnt mean they're terrible, just no bueno for LCT ak's

Cheap metal
Inconsistent builds
Inconsistent finish. Its like some are a mix of rommy mags, hungarian, bulgarian, and polish. Idk if this was intended or not.

If anyone else reviews these, if you could point out midcap magazines that, without modification, fit an LCT. I'd be much obliged. In my back water state, online ordering is my only option.