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G&G 120rd Polymer Mid-cap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black

9 Customer Reviews

by Phillip S. on 01/15/2017
"I thin these mags are great. Figured I would use mags made from gn manufacturer. Seems to be great.So far. I ran them a few times of emptying and filling. After twice they all work top notch. I have no complants after one season. The.follower is a bonus.
by Phillip S. on 12/24/2016
"I have 6 of these for srl. I have had no issues at all. Have had them for a season. Few of them took a break in. Just load and run them once or twice, and all fine. Shoots all the bbs with the follower they put in. Sturdy, and still my pouches. Would recommend especially if running a g&g rifle.
by Angela B. on 11/29/2015
"I have had these for a year now and I have come to really like them but the spring is becoming weak and is starting not to feed as it did when i bought them (still feeds fine just misfeeds sometimes) but all in all a great product!
by Jacob G. on 09/28/2015
"I have 2 of these and i never have any issues with them. They feed every last bb if taken care of. I cant find anything negative about these mags.
by Paul S. on 10/21/2014
"I bought 2 of these to test out. As Nathan stated, these have an extended bb follower to feed every last bb in the mag. No more wasted bbs, and that's one of my favorite features about this magazine.

I initially had problems feeding in some guns. I noticed that the inside unit fit into the outer shell from the bottom instead of from the top like most mid-caps. The inside unit had a little play and sat a bit low inside the outer shell. I placed a piece of paper between the inside unit and the bottom cap to push the inside unit up to give a snug fit with the hop up unit. Fed perfectly for all my rifles after the slight mod.

BTW, I can fit 125 rounds in each mag.

Feed well and they look great. Well worth!
by Matthew S. on 09/04/2014
"These are the best mid caps that I've come across, I had a set of G&P High RPS mid caps off of here which were good don't get me wrong, but these overall are just that much better.

The external shell for the mid cap is a very high quality polymer which I don't see breaking anytime in the near future, and to get to the internal parts when you go to the oil them, it's as easy as pushing the button down on the bottom and sliding the plate away, so no allen key needed there. These mid caps also an extended feeding tab, so they will feed all 120 bb's unalike most mid caps that leave 1-2 left over so that's a huge plus. The mid caps fit perfectly in my G&G FireHawk that I bought them with, there is basically zero magazine wobble (Go figure G&G mags in a G&G gun :\/) but I have seen them work in non-G&G guns with the same results.
by Nathan I. on 05/08/2014
"These mid caps are some of the best you can get for 12$. First off they actually fit my G&G FN2000 with no modification at all, and feed just fine. Anyone who owns a G&G FN2000 know that finding midcaps that are compatible for it is a difficult task but these mags go with them perfectly. They have the extended plastic feeding tabs that help feed down to the last round no problem, similar to the tabs in ERG magazines. I don't know for sure yet, but they look like they can also fit ranger plates.

- They fit a G&G FN2000 with no modification
- Great feeding
- Finger grips on mag

- None

Great midcaps, I highly recommend them.
by Ben W. on 01/09/2015
"I have the same problem as another buyer of these they only feed a couple of bbs for every 12 times I pull the trigger they also get stuck in the mag about half way very easily. these mags are terrible so until I can find different ones to get i'll just use 2 hi caps and use these for show on my mag pouches.(because half of airsoft is looking like you know what your doing)
by Drew W. on 09/20/2014
"Terrible mags!
I have G&G GC16, and I bought these mags, and they feed TERRIBLY! Out of a burst of 12 shots, maybe 2 bb's will come out of the barrell. I cleaned and lubed the entire mags, and they still fed terribly.