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Matrix 5000rd Super High Capacity Electric Auto Winding Box Mag for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG

15 Customer Reviews

by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"This magazine feeds flawlessly in my KWA SR-7. It's great to have a surplus of 5000 rounds. I would recommend this to friends.
by henry b. on 12/11/2008
"i just got it but i dont no how long to charge it for.....

Webmaster: About 4 hours when it is totally drained. Don't charge it over night. Be sure to monitor your battery charges always.
by henry b. on 12/07/2008
"So is this automatic? There is no button u hold on to?

Webmaster: It come with a pressured switch. It is electric powered and automatic.
by Patrick a. on 12/01/2008
"Will .30's work with this cause those are all that I use.
by Mitchell M. on 11/28/2008
"do u think that it will be able to go on an mp5 lol?
: )
by Jacob V. on 11/20/2008
"Stop asking questions on reviews.

Also, yes, it will fit all of those. It fits most if not all M4 AEGs (except LPEGs); but it will not fit something like an FN 2000 or any bullpup that takes M4 mags, reason being this box mag needs space in front of the mag well to fit. Attaching it behind an M203 attachment will warp the M203 trigger guard (which happened to me and I actually kinda like it that way), however coupling this thing with a grenade launcher is just plain silly in its excessiveness of firepower.

At any rate, I'm about to by this thing myself. I have the manual winding version and love it, so it's about time I stepped it up.
by Travis R. on 11/16/2008
"Would this look good on the Christmas Special Edition of the G&G GR-16?
by Nick M. on 10/26/2008
"will this fit on the [Echo 1] Echo-614?
im prob getting one instead of a Echo 1 m249 and i could be a support gunner with this gun. i want to know if this fits the gun before i get it tho.

looks good

although maybe/probably waster of ammo : I
by Aidan M. on 07/03/2017
"Works great but mine happened to blow up on the second time of use. Started spewing smoke.guess I got unlucky. I will be getting a replacement so I will update my review then. Was great while it worked but I got a bad one I think
by Lorraine P. on 03/28/2012
"I rate this product 4 stars for its many good and few bad qualities.

holds 5,000 rounds
winds quick and consitant
charges fast

came with no instructions
jammed once the first time i used it
VERY heavy when loaded full

To help out those who dont know, the charge time on this mag should be around 2 hrs. It comes with no maual or marked box so dont over or under charge the battery. all around its a great mag. a must buy!
by fred S. on 06/27/2010
"Owned 1 year+ but have only fired 10,000 rounds through it; Bought from different retailer

-Feeds fast, consistently, no problems
-Charged for 2hours and got 5000rounds through it with a charge still left
-Two chamber system is great, so if you don't want to carry 5000 heavy rounds you can carry 2000.

-From other retailer (but seems to be common problem) NO INSTRUCTIONS!! This is a big problem because there is a sever lack of information on the web about charging it. Had to open it up to find out battery information to charge it.
-Manual winding is not recommended
-Rattles a lot if not completely full

Most games won't let you play with this even if you tell them your using it as a squad automatic weapon. Recommend a vertical forgrip or sling if your using this completely full. Tons of fun! Medium Quality, no complaints. Careful not to drop it on a hard surface if it's full or it might break.
by Mike R. on 10/13/2008
"this looks like a cool drum
will this fit in a G&G L85
by Patrick S. on 05/20/2013
Can play 6 hours without refill and is 3/4 full!
Fit perfect with my my M4
Dream with electric motor(no winding)
Can be used on manuel (winding Wheel on bottom)

Heavy when is full
Rattle( is a big high cap)
My mine the electric motor work only one day!!!

Good purchase but the electric motor is a bulls%&?&!
Maybe i'm bad lucky but is probably better to purchase manual to save money!
by Jacob V. on 12/27/2008
"So I had the manual winding one, and when I decided I was gonna get this I traded it off. When this arrived, its construct felt notably... different, for some reason. Obviously there's a motor and whatnot, but just the feel of the plastic. I want to say it felt like a cheaper grade, but I suppose that's nitpicking.

The reason for the 2-star score is because during my first game with it, the box stopped feeding entirely. The continuous winding was only used to wind it initially prior to starting the game, and thenceforth it was in sound-activated mode; which, while the box worked, left me with no complaints. It appears that the spring that feeds the BBs up into the gun broke or came out of place or something. Considering how long the manual box has lasted, and is lasting, this is a significant disappointment.

Additionally, the provided pressure switch does not fit into its socket in the unit. I never intended to use it, but it's still an annoying observation.

It appears most have had better luck with this drum. Hopefully mine was only a fluke.
by Alec S. on 05/31/2008
"this magazine is not reliable at all. as soon as i started to use it the conector to recharge the batteries broke and i now have to use a button at the bottom to wind it (which still works). my freind similarly bought this same mag and now he has to self wind his which is very hard. i definetly do not recommend this. although i now use this same mag but its the manual winding version and i have not had problems with it.