Reviews: G&P Spare Mag for WA G&P King Arms M4 Series Airsoft Gas Blowback


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Model: MAG-WP128
Location: D9-272 WO1-M13

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by Marcos C. on 2014-09-12 08:30:42
"These mags are fantastic. I received the WOC Challenge kit a few years ago as a present, and got a few king arms mags with it (she didn't know that those mags don't work with the stock bolt) and they never work well. I've been wanting to have a full combat load out to actually play with this gun. We had a little extra money and I bought 11 of these mags (even though its going to get cold soon here in Colorado), I cant wait to try these out in the field.
I am so happy I went ahead a got these, the quality is fantastic. I have tested all of them and everyone of them works fantastically. Its been a little cold the last few days, and they still work to the last bb. Although I wouldn't run these in winter, I think I can for a few more months. Another aspect I like is the capacity, 50rds is a nice mix of milsim and usability.
I should point out that these are very heavy. For me this is fine, I am a grown strong man, however I could see this being a negative for smaller or younger people. For example, on my vest with a combat load, it weighs close to 30 pounds (just mags), I also run a cross draw M9 holster on my chest and a water bladder on the back. So for my load out it could be close to 40 or 45 pounds. I know that a true mil. load out is much heavier, but for airsoft thats pretty heavy. I honestly don't mind.

So enough with the gasbaggery, its time for the pros and cons:

Pro: Build quality

Con: None
by Brandon C. on 2014-06-06 00:41:13
"If you need some magazines for your G&P WOC or Magna System GBBR and you live within the Continental United States, look no further. SAVE MONEY, buy these magazines while you can as these magazines purchased from overseas on your own can be more expensive if you are not planning to buy in bulk orders. These work great with the stock hammer spring, seat very easily with minimal to no filing required on the magazine catch and the base plates can be swapped out for more authentic magazine plates for those milsimmers out there.

Pros: Affordable
Easy shipping within CONUS
Good seal with stock internals for G&P WOC

Cons: Paint will wear off quickly after a few skirmishes
Can never get enough of these!
Shell can be dented easily around the shroud located on the top of the rear part of the magazine if not handled properly (Like dropping it).
by Richard P. on 2014-03-12 21:02:47
"Bought a King Arms gbb magazine for my G&P SR16 WOC challenge kit

full metal (even the feed lips)
holds a decent amount of gas (almost emptied all 50 on a charge)
Holds 50 rounds

Need to modify your bolt carrier if you plan to use this magazine in a wa/G&P platform unless you have a king arms bolt.
Sometimes has difficulty charging gas into the mag

I'd recommend G&P WA mags if you can find them.
These are your cheap alternative to the WA platform gbb though
Works so can't complain too much
by Matthew D. on 2012-11-29 12:34:58
"AWESOME magazines. they hold alot of gas for a long time. i havent played in over a month, and i ust felt like doing some target practice. i shot 3 whole mags on one charge of gas that hasnt been used in a month. it works well in all G&P WOC challenge kits.

holds alot of gas
can get 3 mags off in one charge of gas
holds gas for over a month
works well in WOC challenge kits

Absolutely NONE!!!
by Dan L. on 2011-12-20 23:08:30
"A good M4 GBB magazine that is MUCH MORE affordable to buy for your Western Arms M4 gas blowback.

Takes Green Gas.
Looks good.
Very detailed construction.
Good seal.


If you are in the market for a spare magazine for your WA M4, why not!
by Geoffrey B. on 2011-11-18 20:15:12
"got it today, feels solid, fills and holds gas well,

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)