Reviews: WE 23rd Magazine for ISSC SAI ATI 17 19 18C M22 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - Co2


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Model: MAG-WE17-CO2

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by Nicholas B. on 2016-09-28 16:45:05
"Terrible, Do Not Buy 9/28/16, The mags stripped instantly after the first cartridge and are now unusable.
by Melissa R. on 2015-10-07 13:16:36
"The threads were horrible. Stripped the first day I got to use the mag, and only on the second co2 cartridge. These were on the inside of the mag, not on the end cap (for clarification). It worked good and fed fine, if it weren't for that one problem. They really should just make it out of a better metal.
by Jacob H. on 2015-08-27 16:00:30
"Update on CO2 mags!

They now send mags with a harder metal co2 cap! These do NOT strip as easily and work GREAT. On that note, I got a friend to custom make me a few caps out of harder metal AND a custom key to turn them(since he doesn't have the right stuff to make the allen hole) If you want to ask around any places that do mill work, as that is what my friend is using. Just wanted to update since it's chnaged!
by tyler b. on 2015-05-10 12:19:17
"Got this gun last night and on the first time loading it (with Co2) it began to strip and on the second mag it stripped and now I can't get the cartridge out again very nice gun over all I just wished they would fix this issue because now I need to spend another 25 bucks to get a new mag that might do the same thing
by Blake L. on 2014-05-12 01:39:14
"Well I have to say it was the best 30 bucks I've spent on my G17.. The mag is very nicely built and works flawlessly in my gun. I put a full cart in with temps around 68-70 F and was able to get 105 rounds before cart was empty. As far as the baseplate being loos, it fits fine on mine and as far as the cap to screw down to puncture the C02 cart if you don't want it to strip out use the CORRECT SIZE ALEN WRENCH and don't try to tighten it down like your trying to kill it. I find that once it stops tightening down on its own your good to go.. I put a drop of silicon oil on the tip of the cart before I put it in the mag the oil will help it seal and also keep the O- ring in good shape.. So if you need a good C02 mag this is it take care of it use the right tools and your good to go...

Not a dang thing....
by Clinton M. on 2014-01-22 15:40:31
"When I first got the magazine it would only feed one BB at a time. The slider kept getting stuck so I oiled it and worked it back and forth then it would feed fine. Worked well with my WE G26C Advanced but I have only gone through 2 CO2 cartridges and the aluminum nut that screws the CO2 cartridge into place is already showing bad signs of the allen hole stripping. They should of make that part out of hard steel instead of aluminum.

So be warned that this part will ware out soon so I hope you find a solution to it. Me, I'm gonna try and get a steel replacement custom made but not sure if I will be able to.
by Gunnar H. on 2014-01-22 14:24:11
"Great Product! We-Tech manufactured these very well. They use a 12 gram Co2 pellet that lasts ABOUT 3 full magazines. IMPORTANT: if you buy these, make sure you buy We-Tech's Co2 tool sold for 10 dollars or something here on

Co2! (This is a preference)
The Co2 power is much stronger and more reliable than Green Gas.
These perform great in cold weather.
Very well constructed.
Fantastic weight and feel.

Co2 leaks sometimes.
You must make sure that you have screwed the cap over the Co2 pellet well and correctly.
MAJOR CON- The cap that screws over the Co2 pellet is made of a very soft metal. Before I even fielded one, the screw cap was stripped and the co2 pellet inside is now trapped and remains unpunctured. (My mag is now a useless brick)
The baseplates shipped oddly loose.
Comes in bubble wrap rather than a box :/.
Came dirty. If you don't clean the BB chamber they will get stuck oddly.

Overall: you decide Co2 is more reliable than green gas, but there is a chance you could strip the essential Co2 puncture screw.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)