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16 Round Magazine for Elite Force Colt KWC Co2 1911 Series Airsoft GBB Pistol

14 Customer Reviews

by Damien C. on 12/14/2016
"This magazine is a beast!! I left the co2 in the mag for like a month, I used it and it worked like it was brand new. The O-rings never and I mean NEVER wear out!!
by Eduard E. on 06/25/2016
"Almost the Best gas powered mag for the best co2 pistol ever. These things will not stop shooting even if you drop them or use them like a hammer like some time do. A MUST HAVE FOR A GREAT PISTOL
by Dan G. on 06/11/2016
"I have 3 of these mags, they all work great. I'm able to load each mag a total of 4x each (approx 60rds-ish) very consistent. I also have 2 of the extended mags and I'm able to load each of those twice. All in all, you can't go wrong with either mag.
by Steven L. on 04/05/2016
"Does the job, same mag from KWC that comes with my Elite Force 1911 and Colt 1911 by Cybergun (both OEm by KWC)
by Eduard E. on 08/07/2015
"I had this mag for months and I love it. The mag feeds nice and it is high quality. I also never leaked.
by Ryan R. on 04/13/2015
"Good magazines I have four and they have seen some extensive use; they have been with me since I became serious about the sport. Anyone who has read my review of the Elite Force 1911 A1 knows the kind of abuse these magazines can take. My word of advice oil and maintain them, they won't quit on you unless you quit on them. For those of you who have the problem with gas spewing out the top the O ring is drying out, it is okay just put silicone oil in from the top and you're golden. unless of course this doesn't work in which case means the O-ring is degraded to the point it can no longer hold a seal.
by David W. on 01/30/2015
"I now have 5 of these mags. At first the one mag that I got with the gun worked great. First 5 CO'2 worked perfectly, then I started to notice that the co2's were leaking. After I asked one of my friends they basically told me it was specifically because I was using a different brand co2 than what I started with. These mags work wonderfully if you can always use the same brand of co2. Each company uses a different head on their co2's. So if you start using crossman only use crossman the seal will never ever fail on your magazines. They will last you for ever. And just for those hard core players like myself that do speed reloads, DON'T throw your mags on the ground they will brake. I would definitely recommend these mags for everybody. They're just a little expensive.
by Michael F. on 08/25/2014
"Have 3 of these for almost a year. Work like brand new every time and has yet to fail on me as compared to my friend's WE- Tech pistol mags which he basically had problems from day one
by Connor F. on 06/21/2014
"Honestly, these mags are entirely fine if used properly like they are intended to be used. If you screw the bottom screw in too tightly while puncturing the Co2 cartridge, the mag will lose it's seal and become deficient. I would recommend screwing the screw slowly, wait till you hear the sissing noise from the Co2, then screw once more with the hex wrench with the longer end in. I hope this helps somebody not ruin their magazine!
by Eric Z. on 06/05/2014
"I don't know why everyone else said this was bad. The mag that I received was really good and functioned well! Just your standard CO2 mag like the one that is included with the gun. Not much else.
-CO2 Powered
-Gas Efficient

-Kind of a pain to reload BBs into the mag
by Joshua M. on 03/18/2016
"i bought 4 and one of them broke on me for no reason, when i put in a co2 in it, it just sprayed all of it out. So like FIX IT THESE MAGS ARE EXPENSIVE. but okay
by samuel c. on 12/24/2014
"Mag that came with the gun pretty much blew up on me. Was putting in new C02 and gas just came spewing out of every hole in the mag. Same thing happened with another guy on the field.
by Bjørn V. on 04/18/2014
"At first this mag was great. Easier to load than the mag that came with my 1911A1 and seemed like good build quality. However, after the first two C02 cartridges were empty, it simply would not seal when a new cartridge was inserted. I feel like a $30 magazine should last longer than two cartridges before breaking down. Too bad, because the KWA 1911's are awesome pistols.
by Teddy P. on 05/15/2014
"all 3 mags ive purchased have broken in 4 weeks of use, with them seeing maybe a day of each week of action. Horrible.